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Christy Hill Will Outlaw's Fundraiser:

Hill-Outlaw Wedding Donation for Susie's Hope

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EVENT DATE: Sep 09, 2017

Christy Hill Will Outlaw


Hi everyone! Thank you for checking out our Wedding fundraiser for Susie's Hope! Since we are well established in our careers and have the things most newlyweds need to get started, we wanted to give back to a local charity that touched both our hearts. We both have a soft spot for animals. After all, our Lucy and Zenobia are children with fur. LOL.

After researching a few charities, Christy remembered the story of Susie, a pitbull mix that was beaten, set on fire and left for dead at Greenfield Park in Greensboro, NC at the young age of 8 weeks old. She miraculously survived 10 days alone after the attack by eating garbage and drinking from mud puddles. She suffered third-degree burns (her ears burned beyond recognition), a broken jaw (teeth kicked out) and her wounds that covered over 60% of her body had become infested with maggots. Although after two months of intensive medical care Susie made a full recovery and found a home with the loving Donna Lawrence (which is another amazing story within itself!), justice would never be served for the torture of this innocent puppy. Three months after Susie was found, Crimestoppers was tipped off and the perpetrators were caught. Unfortunately, North Carolina's structured-sentencing guidelines only allowed the guilty party to serve four to five months of a suspended sentence (probation) for a Class I felony of Cruelty to Animals. Outraged by the outcome, the largest grassroots effort in North Carolina began and created Susie's Law. Thanks to Susie's Law, those convicted of animal abuse Cruelty to Animals was reclassified from a Class I felony to a Class H felony, which carries an active prison sentence, and elevated the A1 misdemeanor of intentionally starving an animal to death to a Class H felony as well.

Susie’s Hope initiative is to become a national charity with a BIG voice on behalf of the animals that cannot speak. Their mission is to help end the epidemic of animal abuse that has spread throughout our nation by creating awareness of the problem and by providing education about prevention as a solution. Susie and Donna have embarked on a personal journey to inform people of all ages about animal abuse and the proper care for our family companions. They encourage people to respect all animals, whether personally owned or a stray, purebred or mixed breed, loved, neglected or abused. They believe that no individual should ever hurt one, or any, of God’s creatures; animals have feelings and experience pain just as we do. They also teach children about the large responsibility and undertaking of adopting or owning a pet as a commitment. Before adopting an animal, the family must be sure that they have enough time, devotion and love to give to their pet and ascertain the pet has the appropriate surroundings/environment that it needs to run and play. They also teach children about staying safe, to avoid injury or unexpected reactions or responses, when they are around animals they do not know.

We ask, in lieu of gifts, that you give to Susie's Hope. Let's help Donna and Susie in their journey to promote education and awareness of the care and responsibility required in owning pets as well as animal safety around unfamiliar animals. 

For more information on Susie's Hope and to learn more about the story of Donna and Susie, visit www.susieshope.com.

Susie’s Hope is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit



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