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Broke Birthdays - Life Sucks!

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I have no income & have had no income since 2009. I struggle all the time and can barely get the things that we need for day to day living. I am always having to do without or make choices between things. I have been applying for Social Security since I lost my last job in 2009 - it's for my mental disorder. I have been waiting just over for a year just for my court date, but longer than that in all actuality since I first applied in 2007. However even if I do get on Social Security - I will not get on it in time to keep myself from losing my apartment & ending up back on the street in a vehicle

I had promised my niece who recently had her sweet 16 birthday on September 8th a certain birthday present like 6 months in advance, but was never able to get it for her!

I just recently - Sept 23rd - had the worst birthday of my life - nobody came to visit me, nobody got me anything, & nobody could even make me a cake - I just bought myself some cake mix and frosting - I'm going to make the cake my mom use to make me every year for my birthday, which was always my favorite - chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. My mother died in 2006 and nobody has made me one since. Birthdays I have become very avoidable for me lately because they always feel like just another day to me. This birthday I babysat & cleaned house all day and just really wanted out of the house to have fun with friends! I wish I could afford to buy myself necessities let alone things I want.

My son just turned 10 years old on September 26th and I feel so horrible that I have nothing to give him - he understands my situation, but he deserves a good mom as well - one that he can count on.

My daughters birthday is November 30th and I don't want to screw this up - she has already gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to parenting and family togetherness - my little girl is turning 7 years old and I want to show her how special she is to me.

If anyone can help us raise the money to get what we want/wanted for our birthdays or help us to save our housing - it will be greatly appreciated. ;-)



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