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Chaiyutthapon Samrnabamrung's Fundraiser:

Project Shire The Social Network For family.

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BENEFITING: SpiritWorks Foundation Center For The Soul

EVENT DATE: Oct 20, 2013

Chaiyutthapon Samrnabamrung


Nothing happens until something moves.

At one place, the temples on the edge of northern Thailand, adjacent with Myanmar. I had a chance to ordain be a priest almost 1 year. This temple is filled with caves and Complex Mountain. I stay on top of the one mountain that have a small tunnel like a crater that not blow up several thousand years. I stay alone there for several months and start to writing things.

I like with computers, software and internet so I studied it in silence about the advantages and disadvantages and began to question myself.

"How we will give the benefit to the internet user without allurements which lead to ruin?" And that was the beginning of this project.


Project Shire

Ein Stein once said " a good question is more important than finding answers" When I think, it really like that. Prince Sitthattha begin form the question that how do we break free from suffering and then he became a Buddha.

I started from this question, and soon, it made me write about a website that I want to created out of hundreds pages in over one year.

During that time, I have an idea that if we create a website for every people in the world for introduced their family, linked together in a social network with other families from small scale in the village level to the national level or across the world without endless.

Build the relationship with neighbors in the long-term stability. Children and adults can make it more intimate, understand each other more and cooperate create a symbolic of family that express a unique, relay impressive story passed as ties to other families, friendly recommend to neighbor and everyone to get to know many of you. I have more ideas that I keep it in secret. I was excited and know that it's wonderful to me.


Brief summary about this site

- Website name

- This is a Social Network's website in the form of family

- Open worldwide to all countries and all languages.

- This is a web site with links to several levels.

- This is a creative website, sharing experiences and information.

- A free and fully trade complete the online stores.

- Can trade fully and free online store.

- The greatest goal of human is overcome the time and is a part of the route by keeping the spirit of this generation to the next several generations.


Where are came from?

the shire is the land of the hobbit, land that filled with fun, laughter, smiles, colorful flowers, pure natural and sun light throughout the year.

I like this name very much after thinking for a thousand name and I believe that all of you who are reading this would like it too because this is the name of love and charm.

I added "hi" to the front as a sign of a good start in the new day and it became very quite melodic name. It also sounds corresponding to the family site good social.

In fact, I just think this name recently and register domain name just a few days. As we try to do anything for a long time without success, but suddenly I can do it. It make me think everything have their time. If it is not the time, you cannot have an idea whether you try as hard as possible.


Design and technology

Using the design principles of proportion and balance, according to the Fibonacci to provide the perfect ratio as ever been.

To the simple and perfect beauty, according to the nature that god has created for all life.



The first goal is make it perfect as much as possible within 5 years.

Next goal? It is very easy; make every all family to be our part.


Risks and challenges

We are the first group to started doing this. I do not have an example as a guideline. We tie themselves to the goal and unable to avoid the risk.

Ein Stein said one sentence

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried something new."

Thing that I would try to do is always adapt and change to face the new challenges to make become the ultimate website for all family.

When everyone says the same sound "This is our family website" this is what I want to see most.


Ask / answer

- If you cannot find the funding full as target, what will happen?

I will build it with everything I have. Anyone can use it, of course, sooner or later

- When it started?

As soon as one year, five years, or use a long time within within 10 years to make the website in every language. Slow or fast is  depending on the problem and the amount of funding.

- How hishirecom will be in the next 10 years.

I am sure it will be a website that have the user not less than facebook or twitter as much as today..


"Distance of thousands kilometers it's not smooth all the way"


Chaiyutthapon  Samranbamrung 

website :

Chiang Mai Thailand



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