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Haiti in Transition (H.i.T) is dedicated to projecting a more positive image of Haiti through the creative engagement of its youth.

We are now working towards the completion of two projects. The first project is titled "Konbit pou Konbat Echeck," which is entirely devoted to creatively engaging a group of 20 young adults in the town of Jacmel by employing the game of chess and eco-friendly community art projects to enhance leadership skills, strategic thinking, and civic egagemet amongst participants.

The second project is a part of our "Quartier a Quartier" network, which seeks to connect young Haitian leaders to their counterparts throughout the country. This particular project will be a 3 day worksop that will host 16 locally based non-profit organizations. The goal is to provide them with resources and contacts through management and communication workshops, as opposed to bringing more foreign NGOs to Haiti. The tools, resources, and networks that Haiti in Transition will provide to the participating youth leaders in will empower them to better serve their communities on a much greater scale. IBM has partnered with us to help further the goals of this project.

If you are interested in learning more about our projects and the organization, please visit our official website and/or contact us at Haitiintransition.hit@gmail.com.

You can also donate to the organization by purchasing one of our official "Imagine Haiti-Believe in Transition" t-shirts.