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Organized by: Hong Kong Shark Foundation

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The mission of HKSF is to raise awareness about shark conservation. Our programs shed light on the unsustainable practice of shark finning in order to reduce the excessive consumption of shark products in Hong Kong. In order to do so, we dedicate our energy and time to community education, lobbying, and awareness campaigns.

We are now raising fund for two main purposes:
1. To purchase 3-5 new shark costumes
2. To launch a shark exhibition in a local shopping mall

The 2 shark costumes we have been using for almost 4 years are out of shape. So we wish to have new sets of shark costumes, which will cost us around 2000USD each. The new costumes will be used in the coming events and street booths. Our volunteers will dress in the costumes to catch people's attention.

We will organize an interactive shark exhibition in a local shopping mall.The aim of the project is to raise awareness about the marine environment, with a specific focus on shark conservation, all the while providing some entertainment for the public.
A large number of small shark models featuring different species, made of fiberglass or an alternative sustainable material, will be mounted onto flexible rods and raised off the ground to a variety of different heights. A booth will be set in the exhibition to provide information as well as provide educational materials and activities on shark conservation. 
This project will cost us around 40000USD

What We Do:

Community Education
School Talks:
Our Chinese and English educational talks cater to all age groups, ranging from kindergarten to university.  Over the last 10 months we have visited 15 classrooms, reaching an average of 30 students per visit. During a recent visit to the American International School, one student shared how she talked with her grandparents about the dangers of shark finning and what it means for the health of our oceans. We were so proud to hear of this 8-year old's commitment to protecting sharks. At the Hong Kong Yacht Club, we played a game with students about sharks and what they need to thrive and sustain a healthy ocean. Your donations allow us to continue these vital education efforts!
For children who want their birthday to be a more charitable experience, we offer the Twopresents activity. We want to support these young philanthropists because they are the reason we want to preserve our oceans for generations to come. HKSF is excited to report that over the last year, 19 children chose to raise money at their birthday parties for shark conservation by asking that their friends and family give money to HKSF instead of buying them gifts. Benjamin, pictured left, asked his friends to bring a donation for HKSF to his 8th birthday party instead of a gift. He raised HK$2,355! On behalf of all sharks, thank you, Benjamin!

Shark-Free Companies:The HKSF Shark-Free Companies Program is designed to provide practical support to companies who want to establish and implement a shark-free policy. As of July, 21 corporations have committed to being a shark-free company and the list is still expanding.Below is a list of companies that HKSF have signed up to become shark-free.Some of the many Shark-Free Companies we have on board:
Bank of China (Hong Kong)
Ethical Currency
Hip Shing Hong Property Group

Student Ambassador Program:
The Ambassador Program was launched by students as a dedicated online resource to help other students join them in their mission to stand up for sharks. They view it as their responsibility to spread the message about shark conservation to our peers. This online tool kit designed gives advice on how to organize fundraisers, give presentations, and work within their schools to ensure that every student knows how important it is for sharks to remain in our oceans.We have inducted over 73 Ambassadors from 5 international schools over the last 10 months. They are devoted teenagers and keep drawing in new Ambassadors with their youthful enthusiasm. 
"Shark Fin Alternatives"Cooking Competition
Participants were asked to create a dish that could replace shark's fin soup for traditional banquets. Three fiinalists were chosen from 10 participants, and the fanfare of the competition drew in many spectators, spreading the anti-shark fin message. Press including Apple Daily and TVB were there to cover the live cook-off and celebrities such as Sharon Kwok, Siu Bow and Ronan Pak were at the event as our judges and guests. 

Underwater Photography Competition
We have an ongoing photography competition, co-presented by Diveholic and HKSF, that aims at promoting ocean and shark conservation.
We have received many stunning entries capturing the beauty and grace of sharks and other marine creatures. We want these beautiful images to convey that sharks are not as dangerous as many think.
 We have started several petitions to urge the Hong Kong government to further regulate the shark fin trade. Over 10,000 signatures have been collected. It was a huge victory for sharks when the government banned shark fin from public functions. This would have never happened without your support!



Organized by

Hong Kong Shark Foundation

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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