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CROWDRISE : Apr 30, 2014
Tax ID: 26-0887128
BASED: Arlington, TX, United States


20.9% Repeat Teen Births

There are many initiatives that are been spearheaded by HOF Charities and one of them that is dear to our hearts is Teen Poverty & Pregnancies. The statistics of teenagers in poverty and with children in Tarrant county is alarming. HOF Charities is organizing diverse programs and event to keep teenagers busy this summer and also to feed them. In order to do this, we need $25,000. Our summer events include: Summer Food Service Program, Emancipation of Young Entrepreneurs, Summer Sport Camp, Summer Music Festival and Summer Leadership Retreats. These events will keep teenagers in our surrounding area busy and focused on things that are more important to them. Thank you for donating to these causes.

According to Kids Count Data Center, A project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation:

22.6% of children age 0-17 lives in poverty in Tarrant County

7.3% drops out of high school

9.2% Children living in areas of concentrated poverty in Arlington

11.8% Births to teens (13-19) out of all live births

20.9% Repeat births to teens (13-19) out of all teen births

10.3% Births to single teens (13-19) out of all live births

Tax ID: 26-0887128 •


Express Pantry Food Program to meet the needs of those in the Arlington areas.

Express Pantry Food Program …

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