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Holiday Express, Inc.

Holiday Express, Inc.
CROWDRISE : Mar 08, 2013
Tax ID: 22-3470019
BASED: Tinton Falls, NJ, United States


Human Kindness

The Holiday Express mission is to deliver music, food, gifts, financial support and friendship to those with the greatest need for the gift of human kindness during the holiday season and throughout the year.

“Delivering the gift of human kindness.” A simple mission. . . with life changing results.

When Tim McLoone founded Holiday Express in 1993, he never imagined the number of lives we would ultimately touch through the healing power of music. In 2017, as we celebrate our 25th season of delivering the gift of human kindness, we will be bringing music and friendship to 100 charitable organizations.

Your gift enables us to serve those who are desperately in need and so often forgotten – men, women and children in developmental centers, veteran hospitals, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and special needs schools and programs throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.  Each client we serve not only experiences the magic of our interactive holiday program, but also receives a wonderful meal and a special gift of essential personal items – which for many is the only holiday gift they will receive.

 The gift of human kindness, has life changing results.

“Many of our students are unable to access holiday events that are offered in their communities due to the severity of their physical disabilities. Thanks to Holiday Express all of our students were given a joyous experience to celebrate the holiday season.” Penny Ann Goldstein, Lakeview School Principal

“The Holiday Express visits are truly the highlight of the Season. It was not "just music", it was not "just gifts,” it was not "just lunch.” It was a complete experience provided by extraordinary people who recognized no difference among the clients. The Holiday Express volunteers showed no reticence, did not hold back, they threw the differences out the window and just partied with open arms and open hearts.” Venus Majeski, NJID Executive Director

“People with substance abuse disorders often feel marginalized and/or ignored and this (Holiday Express visit) provided them with hope that others do care about them.” Patricia White, Turning Point Director of Clinical Care


Now is when we need your help.

At Holiday Express we work year round to ensure no one is alone at the holidaysNow is the time that we plan for the holiday season and purchase supplies for the more than 27,000 people we will visit in Season 2017. 

Each charity event costs an average of $6,000, money well spent when you realize ours is, most often, the only holiday program offered at the organizations we visit.

Holiday Express does not charge the state developmental centers, soup kitchens, specialized schools, psychiatric facilities, and homeless shelters we visit.  We depend on the generosity of people like yourself to make the gift of human kindness possible.

Tax ID: 22-3470019 •


Holiday Express

Holiday Express

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