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Holiday Music Festival

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Open Mic Concert(s);

Set up a stage; downtown, at a mall, or on a campus.

For the month of December set setup a stage and schedule; individual singers, choirs, carolers, musicians. 

As the Christmas holiday approaches, church choirs, drama departments and youth groups are practiced and performing at local churches.

Inn Vision can invite these individuals and groups from local churches, giving the churches great exposure in the community and giving the mall(s) more and shoppers as church congregations and performers family and freind will be invited to the mall(s) to see their fellowship perform. 

This would also increase support for Inn Vision from local churches who will appreciate the exposure.

Church Choirs and individuals can sing to shoppers,students, and passers by for donations and support.

It would be simple to organize (Churches have lots of groups that are organized, practiced and ready to perform with; props, scripts, and their own equiptment).

Just setup stage(s) at location(s) and schedule performers at different times.

The day of the event one person could supervise the stage and be there to organize the the groups as they come and go.

The same performers can perform as many times as they want to throughout the day or throughout the month until Christmas. 

The same performers can perform at multiple locations;  downtown, at a mall, on campus and give their churches even morre exposure.

No cost to Inn Vision, just coordination. No meal to serve, no invitations to send out, just scheduling locations, scheduling groups for those locations and setup;  stage, donation tables, barrels, bell ringer(?),ect...

Happy Holidays



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