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Home buyer true struggle

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My name is Lona Auguste I am 30yr old married and have a 9yr and a 5yr old adorable boy and girl.I'm basically tired of moving from place to place with 2young children. 2years ago me and my husband decided to look for a home we tried everything the loan broker gave us pre approved letter for 150k and told us to start looking for home at the time we were in Florida found a home there,remember we are first time home Byers we had no clue how things works,Realtor took us to see homes we decided on a single family home rush us to borrowed money from our 401k to pay for home Tittle 5k plus Appraisal and other check up before we know it spent close to 10k after all that to found out loan we did not approved not because we had a bad credit history but because we had nothing in our names,we were living in a trailer home leaks and heat problems, tensions started in the house between husband and I One day While I was praying and crying on a rainy day I kept saying to myself wherever you send me God as long we safe I will go, then I decided to do some research I came across a private lender home in North Carolina I said well it worth to try called him we talked about all the process but since we were desperately to have a home to raise our kids,we did not think 10% interest rate was a lot, 1st mistake we made then going to a different state we thought we had enough savings to pay mortgage and utilities until we find something base on our career biggest mistakes ever we did managed to pay for 4months while looking for jobs 7days a week found little jobs I accepted them but wouldn't even be enough for car insurance. Husband so dedicated when it's time to take care of his family he wanted to go back to his job me on the other hand was getting depressed even more to left with the kids alone no family or friends around He went back to the job I could no longer work my 5 yr old was 3 at the time wasn't in school yet until this up coming school year she'll be going to school, It's been close to 2years we have been paying $1300 a month for mortgage while we working on the credit from secured cards to now able to qualify for regular small credit line card not there yet but it's a progress processe Accept now because my husband working so hard for us to keep the house sometimes he can't come homes for months, the kids cries for him me and him getting having lack of attention now we started to talk about divorce I think of bad things time to times but because I have the kids deppends on us it will kills me if I hurt myself and die leave them behind My plan is to get a bank loan mortgage wouldn't be that much,while the kids going to school I can go back to work and maybe me and husband can go see a therapist and work things out to reunited to be a family again I am asking for any help you can, even Infos will help for me to be able to put down on the same house we have been struggling with for 2 years I will very much appreciate it may God bless



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