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Tax ID: 20-1956993
BASED: Saint Paul, MN, United States


Homegrown Lacrosse

A groundswell movement, Homegrown Lacrosse represents a remarkable group of individuals – from board members to volunteers and staff – all united by a vision of using the sport as a conduit for building confidence, instilling character and creating a sense of community in our youth. 

Founded in 2003, Homegrown Lacrosse, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, works to create positive change in the lives of the people we serve and community we are a part of. Our mission is to build a community that inspires and empowers youth to excel in life and lacrosse. We deliver on our mission through a wide-variety of service and fee-based programming that are designed to develop character, build self-confidence and instill a sense of community. While the organization has grown tremendously since its humble beginnings, We remain steadfast and true to the vision that brought a handful of young Minnesota lacrosse players together to give back to a community that had helped define their lives.


Our Goal is to build a "community" that provides opportunities for players to raise their skill level while at the same time fostering the values of teamwork, commitment, determination, responsibility, and selflessness. This community is centered around creating an environment where players begin to understand that "by giving they receive" and learn to value the fun and fellowship of the game more than winning. We strive to develop each individual not only as a lacrosse player but as a person. The players that participate in Homegrown Lacrosse programming connect with coaches and mentors in positive ways that transcend the playing field.


Our Values: We believe that being a great player doesn’t mean you’ll be a great coach. For us being a great coach requires more than skill on the field; it also requires a strength of character, confidence and a desire to make a difference in their community. Above all else, we have a profound passion for everything about lacrosse. And that passion is translated into our approach to coaching. No matter the skill level, our coaches find positive, engaging ways to challenge and build each player’s strengths - physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. 


Our Actions: Staying true to Homegrown Lacrosse’s founder's original vision, the organization: Offers lacrosse camps in central locations at a fair and affordable price. Staffs lacrosse camps with local leaders who have vested interest in the development of local players, unlike many of the camp staffs that began to pop up in Minnesota. Draws people from different communities to play on the same fields amidst each other. Uses positive reinforcement, encouragement, and enthusiasm to spread a passion for the game amongst participants. Offers mentoring and coaching opportunities for younger players as means of developing future coaches and as a way to preserve Minnesota Lacrosse tradition. Provides scholarship support to those in need to ensure that all players may experience the game and reach their full potential regardless of socioeconomic background. Continually evaluates and develops each other’s efforts and growth as coaches, players, and administrators. Develops and maintains a staff of peers who share the same passion for the game and youth development. Above all else, seeks to cultivate and share a sense joy and gratitude.

Tax ID: 20-1956993 •


Madeline Island Lacrosse Camp

Madeline Island Lacrosse Camp

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