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Homeless with 3 children need

Organized by: Felecia Fortenberry

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My name is Felecia Fortenberry & i am a 40 yr old single mother of 3 children. I have a 13 yr old son, a 9 yr old daughter & a 2 yr old boy. We lost our home January 20th 2016 juggling $528 rent & PG&E, though my Welfare is $670, a baby in diapers & 3 growing kids, laundry & cleaners... It was a struggle. I have tried to find a job but i was raised in foster homes all over & did not stay anywhere long enough to get any education! So i dont qualify... I only want to be a good mom & i get NO help from the fathers! I would like to go to School but its so hard to plan anything for the future when we are in this situation! We spend our Welfare to stay in Motels when we have enough money or we pay friends to stay in thier home a few days. When money runs out we pack our bags in the double stroller & pull 2 suitcases behind us while my 9 yr old pushes her little brother in the single stroller... We walk with our stuff on the streets till we can figure something out. I have gone to a Church for help 1 day when we just couldnt fund nowhere & the Church told me they would get us a blanket & we can sleep on the grounds... My baby was 1 yr old. No Government agency can help us & there is no shelter space available that will house all my family... The shelters that had space would not house my 13 yr old son because he was to old & im not separating my family. Child Protective Services has looked in & offered referals to places that may be able to help, but with no luck. Exceptional Parents Unlimited (EPU) has offered counseling & parenting if i dedired & 1 CPS worker even paid 2 days in a Motel room for us with her personal credit card... She said she sees i am trying & i am providing & the kids have stayed in School, she said she knows everyone comes on hard times. The problem is that since there is no neglect or abuse there is nothing to warrent opening a case! There is only so much they can do & then they leave. But nobody can help us stabilize again. I cant get Homeless assistance help through Welfare because i recieved the help when my 13 yr old son was a newborn... The assistance is only once in a lifetime unless i get hit in dimestic voilence altercation or a natural disaster. But my chilren really need help now... the problem is i dont have enough income to qualify for 2x & 3x the rent for the move in requirements, nor do i have the deposit for move in. I cant even qualify for a Studio Apartment. I have been on the Section 8 list for 5 yrs now with no luck having my name picked. Yet they keep giving Vouchers to single people with NO children & MY children are homeless now!!! I have walked into Section 8 two times with all our bags packed in the double stroller pulling suitcases with all 3 of my kids crying & begging for help... Is there ANYTHING ANYONE CAN DO TO HELP US! They just keep sending us away saying that its a lottery system & they have no control over when someones name gets picked. Well i think that stinks & how can they just send us back out on the streets! I need help... I dont want to lose my children & its really hard on them to be going through this. I was only able to enroll my 13 yr old & my 9 yr old in School through Project Access who made it to where i could enroll them in School with no address needed. We have been homeless bouncing around for 8 months now... I love my kids with all my heart & my heart just breaks that my children have to see & feel this struggle for so long. My children need a place to call home once again PLEASE will someone help us? All 3 of my children were born here at Fresno Community Hospital & they have had the same Pediatrition since birth Dr Prem Singh at the Fresno Community clinics. I love God & i know that in his time... God will make a way. I have faith even though at times it seems too much to bear. I pray & thank God for what he has blessed us with everyday. My children have never had to sleep on the street, God always made a way even through a perfect stranger just seeing us & doing a little something to help. My children have always had food & clothes for School... We have a small refrigerator & microwave we take with us wherever we go to cook food & keep food fresh. My children were even blessed with new School shoes, back packs & supplies for this new School year. But what my children really need right now is stability & structure... I need help brothers & sisters in Christ please pray for my family. Please will someone help us... I am desperately seeking a miracle for my precious children. I am a good God fearing woman who only wants to provide for my babies... I dont use drugs or drink alcohol. I dont belong to a Church at this time but my heart, my life lies with Jesus everyday. U can look me up on Facebook if u would like to see more about who i am & i also have a post on Please help us. May God bless u keep u in Jesus name.. Amen


Organized by

Felecia Fortenberry

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