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Homeless because of work related Injury

Organized by: Scott Foster

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I am trying to raise enough funds to get off of the streets and into some type of home and a vehicle to start working of some type again. I have been down for awhile and have to rebuild almost an entire life right now and am almost starting from scratch. I have written somewhat of a summary of what put me into this situation and hope it can answer some questions you may have. I am not sure where to really begin. So i will just begin. I was working for a company that i started out as a temporary employee. They had promised me a permanent position when i first began due to my job performance. They started me on first shift and the pay was just enough to eat food at a local Mc Donalds and sleep in my truck at the Walmart across from the company and occasionally at a truck stop a few miles down the road. They put me on third shift to give the shift better help than a few of their options. I was leary because of how it would set me up. I had to sleep through around 130 degree temperatures during the daytime while i was on third shift as a temp. My supervisor forget to tell me they were having orientation for hiring and the company went on a hiring freeze after that orientation. I was stuck with very minimal pay and not able to do anything except park in Walmart under extreme heat and eat fast food due to no way to store food. I took rinse baths out of a small rubbermaid storage container to keep clean. While enduring all of this I still gave the company good performance. Due to my work ethic they moved me around to different positions so they would get the work completed and have someone they could depend on to fill gaps that would not give them issues and could get along with other people. One of the positions was going up for bid and i wanted to take the position because it offered overtime and decent pay and i would be hired in and get off out of the truck and into some type of a normal living standard and be able to have the funds to purchase a rehab house and begin to clean it and repair it. Before i was able to be hired in, i was helping to lift one of the tractor lids, which are awkwardly heavy and the other guy kept almost dropping it while i was trying to compensate to keep it from hitting the ground. I felt something in my shoulder while he was "losing" his grip but it wasn't pain. I didn't think anything of it and it was the end of the day on a Friday so if there were issues I would have the weekend to deal with them. There ended up being problems as the shoulder did not get better and i was sent to their doctor who told them i needed an MRI. The human resource girl looked at her doctors orders and immediately told me there was no way i would get an MRI. This set up what would make the injury to be far worse and put me in many bad positions to the point of hunger and homelessness. The company said they were there to help me and the HR girl told me if i had issues to let her know. When i would tell her anything she would condemn what i was telling her and i was left with no way to defend myself. I was not getting the help i needed and had to go to a doctor to force them to stop making me work so i could possibly heal and figure out what was going on with the should. By this point the damage was severe and the only help i was getting from the company was they were upset at me and could not help me if i didn't tell them my problems. I told them and was mocked, i was told by multiple doctors i needed an MRI. There was no way for me to defend myself without the MRI, i could not express my issue and be heard and they would not pay for an MRI. I went to court many times and won a very small amount of cash which was nothing compared to making someone homeless and stuck with an injury for the rest of their life. I didn't want anything except to work but was now injured and could not physically do what i once could. They fought me every time i went into the court and i honestly did not want to go to any of the hearings because of the difficulties getting there and i knew the company would only fight me instead of giving promised help, after all it is why there was a hearing in the first place. I go to college but the problems have only piled up and i am currently sleeping under a tarp while trying to go school and it has made focusing on class and getting the work taken care of nearly impossible to the point i am at a standstill and trying to figure out how to quit school and hopefully find some type of work that does not require physical labor. This is only a fraction of what i have been through in this ordeal but i tried to summarize the experience as well i could. If you have any questions i would be happy to answer them. Thanks


Organized by

Scott Foster

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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