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The Homeless Carder Foundation, uniccshop, pp24 combined effort

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The global 'Common Homeless Carder' rate has been on the incline for many years, and the rate of increase shows no sign of slowing down...

It's hard to work out whom to blame for this relatively sharp increase, there are a few common allegations going around;

1) pp24..... They have been known to steal at a considerably higher rate than that of the 'common homeless carder', Ref: Guiness Book World Records, Highest volume of useless data kept in a single server envinroment at any one time.

2) uniccshop... Once upon a time their was a beautiful peacock and all the other bird fancied her very much.... This peacock had as much 'bird love' as she desired, and lived an aids free life until one day she was crippled, comatosed and left to die... RIP uniccshop...

3) The Global Population.. Robin hood robbed from the rich and gave to the poor.... 'the homeless carder' failed to rob anyone due to rapidly increasing chargeback speeds.. Its recommended that 'The Global Population' aquire a second job if they check their bank statements more than once per week, for more severe cases its recommended that a third job be considered.

Hopefully you realise the severity of this situation, lets raise up for all those less forunate...

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matthew is working on selecting a charity so you can support The Homeless Carder Foundation, uniccshop, pp24 combined effort.