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Home of New Vision

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For much of the past century, experts studying substance use grappled in the shadows of powerful myths and misconceptions about the nature of addiction. When scientists began to study addictive behavior in the 1930s, people addicted to alcohol, opioids, and other drugs, were thought to be morally flawed and lacking in willpower. Those views shaped society’s responses to substance use and co-occurring disorders (substance use coupled with mental health disorders), treating it as a moral failing rather than a chronic health issue. This led to an emphasis on punishment and stigma, rather than prevention and treatment.


The truth is that this is the most underfunded chronic health issue in the United States. No one would choose to have this brain disease. Imagine losing anything and everything that is important to you. Add the darkness of guilt, shame and depression or another undiagnosed mental health diagnosis. This only compounds the problem.


Take a moment and visualize how horrible that must feel…


Drug overdose causes more deaths per year than traffic accidents or guns. A record number of persons with substance use and co-occurring disorders need your help. Home of New Vision helps individuals get past the barriers that are keeping them from obtaining freedom from their substance use disorder and work through the core issues that are holding them down, yet also fight stigma attached to this disease. Did you know there is a stronger link between childhood trauma and addiction than obesity and diabetes? This means that the war on drugs is a war on traumatized people that just need help. We must end the shame, stigma and community denial that surrounds addiction and recognize it for the devastating health issue that it is and help more people get into treatment.

HNV needs your help to support the needs of people suffering with addiction and families coping with this devastating health issue. Your generosity will help provide essential services including housing, individual and group therapy, psychiatric evaluation, medication management, outreach, education and so much more.  Please help us continue to offer hope and treatment to each individual that comes into the care of Home of New Vision


Home of New Vision (HNV) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit that opened in 1996 as a single recovery home for women. HNV now provides substance use, mental health and co-occurring disorders treatment for men, women and adolescents. Services are conducted utilizing a Recovery Oriented System of Care model that meets consumers in their current stage of change. HNV provides a wide spectrum of services including: outpatient, peer recovery support and peer case management, residential, detoxification, recovery residences, prevention, assessment and referral and early intervention for people seeking recovery from addiction.  Our treatment, case management and peer programs are licensed by the State of Michigan and are CARF accredited. We conduct crisis management services at our Engagement Center, which is also CARF accredited. Additionally, we provide psychiatric evaluation, medication management, and individual therapy and group therapy. Home of New Vision is committed to promoting change and awareness; reducing stigma and shame by providing a better understanding of recovery.