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Homes for Our Troops Half Marathon

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Holden Chung


Hi there! We're Holden Chung and Duncan McRae and we're two friends from high school who recently decided that it would be a good idea to try and run a marathon.  Well we realized that was a little ambitious right out of the gate.  So we've decided to train for and run a half marathon first.  Like any endevaour, it is always easier and more motiviating to accomplish your goal when you have something to work for.  So we're both running to help support those who ran towards danger in order to help people and defend this great nation.  

Our veterans have walked, ran, marched, and rucked all around the world in order to make a difference.  In the post-9/11 landscape, veterans often return home with life-altering injuries, such as amputations, that make it impossible to navigate a traditional home. Homes for Our Troops provides specially adapted, custom homes to improve quality of life for these veterans and their families. Its reach is nation-wide and impact profound. 

We have both set a goal to run 250 miles (including the 13.1 of the half marathon) overall between now and our respective half marathons.  We have both pledged to donate $1 for every mile we run.  We are asking for everyone to pledge at least $0.10/mile that we run in order to support the cause.  So join us in our endevour to raise money and increase awareness for this amazing cause!


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Duncan McRae

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Holden Chung

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