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I am homeschooling My kids due to some complications and current situations. During the time of schooling this year, I would like to Kindly ask, not beg, for assistance with school supplies and the ability to home school outside of the home (i.e, travel to the museums, yellow stone, etc.) so that they can get an education through experiences. I want to home school for a few reasons, I don't believe in the new system that they are teaching the kids, I want my kids to have an education further than testings and such. Learn home education, Band etc. I know your going to ask the question, why homeschool? Why not public school? what about socializing? Why should I "donate" so you can homeschool? Read below about WHY I'm homeschooling.. and then after that I'll explain what the donations are for. :) [ I guess we home school because I don’t want my kids raised in a Godless, bully-infested schools. They can still get the interaction with friends and peers that she needs, but we want to home school. 1. I want my Kids to continue to love Learning. My daughter enjoys animals and learning how to create things, the finding seashells and learning about them, I don't want my kids crying over Homework, I want them to enjoy it and work at their pace and level of understanding. Kids need to believe that they have a potential, I cannot tell you how often non-homeschooling parenting ask how I “socialize” my children outside of school. I don’t know what schools these people attended, but in both public and private, and they all had this in common: Socializing was strictly forbidden. >Bullying is a Big Issue. School bullies are such a big deal that even our president has spoken out about it. There is a national campaign being waged as we speak to raise awareness and tolerance in schools, but I’m not holding my breath. I don't want my kids subjected to having to HAVE to be bullied, or feeling they are in a situation to have to hit someone who bullies them. They are young and don't need to be molded into that kind of world. They need love not hate. I think School is a bully-making machine. Schools take vulnerable, immature children away from their parents prematurely, pack them into a building with little supervision, lock the doors, and then wonder why they can’t solve their bullying epidemic.< Now I want to do a little mix of homeschooling/road schooling. There are a lot of homeschool project resources and activities. Everything from science experiments to geocaching - and some creative ways to encourage your children to get writing. Travel So my children can understand more about their environment, learn what is not taught anymore in school, and have better experiences about learning. Classes we'll travel for will be for History History is all around us. (Museums, etc) Geography Make use of your local geographical features. (Local farms, bird sanctuaries, open gardens, National Parks, Different Climates) Art Craft groups are usually very keen to share their skills, and welcome visitors. Try your local groups in spinning, quilting, weaving, pottery and painting. Art improves so much, like Math skills, and being able to have a creative mind (think outside the box). Local Businesses my Daughter enjoys watching people work! She's always asking how to do stuff, and the secrets to success. Pet Store - when my daughter wanted a dog, we went to the pet store to make a list and price up everything she would need if we got one. Teaches math and responsibility (with out owning a dog). FireStations Police Stations Airport Space needle Womens Whitman mission (to see the Oregon Trail and learn about it) The Zoo to learn about animals Go on Hikes and learn about the earth and how to forage for food Cooking Classes Sewing Classes Wood Shop (my daughter owns a dremel tool, and a drill) Responsiblities Reading At the library Making little trips to different businesses and learning what they want to be when they grow up We also need help affording Ballet, Karate, Music Arts, and Swimming Lessons. there is a whole world out there, that they will never get to see if stuck behind a desk with this common core learning! I want to homeschool badly, but need help affording supplies, and going to museums and such. I want School to be a GOOD experience for My kids! Please help me Make it possible!


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