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Johannes Poulard's Fundraiser:

Creating an effort to end the die off of bees and exchange of high quality honey and other products

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My name is Johannes Poulard and I am working together with Georgian beekeepers to breed the Caucasian grey honeybee for a wide number of reasons. The reason why the Caucasian grey is important to the beekeeping industry.

The bees are dying. This is a huge problem. Many people don't realize it, but if it weren't for bees, we would not have any food. Bees are not just good for producing honey. Bees also pollenate our crops, fruits, and vegetables. If all the bees die off, we will not have any food.

Why is honey good? Honey not only tastes good, but local honey can help with allergies and other honey made from special flora can be used from anything to treating diseases and when applied to open wounds can also prevent infection. There are many medicinal flowers, from which bees make honey which can greatly benefit our health, thus honey is very important.

The benefits of propolis.  For a long time, the use of propolis was widely disgarded by American beekeepers, as they did not understand its value.  In Georgia, Armenia, and other places in the former Soviet Union and Europe, however, propolis was widely understood to have high medicinal value in treating infections and other ailments.  Many researchers from various American institutions have recently, however, discovered that propolis can not only to treat any infection, but propolis from certain trees can be used to treat different infectious diseases.

What is propolis? Propolis is that dark brown sticky substance bees make to use as a glue to hold the beeswax parts of the hive together.  The bees make propolis from the natural resin from trees.  Thus certain tree resins and propolis derived from these resins are being researched to help in the treatments and even cures of certain bacterial and viral infectious diseases.  These studies even include the study of the possibility of effectively treating AIDS related infections with propolis derived from poplar trees.  Propolis from other trees have already been used to effectively treat and reverse severe bacterial infections which are immune to antibiotics, such as MRSA.   

Starter sheets or honeycomb foundations are special sheets which are man made to aid the bees in a colony in the swift creation of the honeycomb.  Bees make different sizes of honeycombs.  All honeycombs are made up of hexogonal cells, but smaller celled honeycombs are made to store honey and the larger celled honeycombs are made to hatch the brood.  

There are different types of starter sheets on the market.  Some are made from black plastic with a light coating of beeswax and others are made from a beeswax and parifin mix.  Both types of starter sheets are available in many beekeeping supply stores, however, the rarer starter sheets, which are made from pure beeswax are the best quality.  The fact that using completely natural beeswax for starter sheets provides for a healthier bee colony and the bees can adapt to it much quicker.

Why support Pichi Tapli in Georgia? Picha Tapli is a beekeeper's co-op in the eastern region of Georgia, known as Kakheti.  I, myself, together with the original founders, Eduard Avakian and Natela Khatiashvili have access to expertise and some sophisticated technology needed to solve many of the problems beekeepers face.

Our goals are many.  For this project, however, the primary goal is to raise funds for the sale of our honey both domestically within Georgia and internationally.  The moneys from the sale of our honey will then be used to expand into other areas of beekeeping research and development.  The goals will be dscribed below.

Project goals include raising money to purchase raw honey for whole sale to a client who is a large exporter.   We need a minimum of a whole semi container full of honey to meet our client's requirements.  We also intend to purchase more beeswax domestically for the manufacturing of starter sheets.  We have a state-of-the-art machine for the manufacture of natural beeswax starter sheets on an industrial level.  Our machine is named the Margarita I and is made in Saratov, Russia.   This machine is capable producing five tons of starter sheets per week or operation.  This can accommodate our beekeepers in our region.

Long term goals which will be funded together with other crowdfunding projects and with proceeds from the sale and export of our honey and the domestic sale of our starter sheets include research with universities in both the United States and Europe for the reproduction of the Caucasian honeybee, which has many desirable traits, including producing propolis, unique honey, and the ability to gather honey in light rain, a trait that other honeybees do not have.  We also want to join forces with researchers from all over the world to study the medicinal affects of propolis, venom, and royal jelly.  



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