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We Honor Sacrifice

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A little background on where this all came from. Several years back my dad passed away. He was Veteran, a good man, and a diabetic. After a 30-year battle with Diabetes he passed away on a cold winter night in February. My passion has always been music. What music does is it brings the depth of human emotion to the forefront. It connects us on a spiritual level. The day after my dad passed, a friend and I went to see a concert. I needed that spiritual connection and try to understand why? I mean just the day before he had finally WALKED into my brother’s house for the first time in 3 years. My father lost his leg due to complications from the Diabetes earlier, He was doing better. There was one song by the Grateful Dead that had always been a favorite of mine but It had a unique meaning for me that day. It's called a Box of Rain. It was a song Phil Lesh wrote for father on his deathbed. They played 2 sets and a 3-song encore. The last encore, they played Box of Rain. As tears rolled down my face, I finally understood. We were all connected on a spiritual level that we as people often forget. The fact that they played that song, when they played it, when I needed to hear it the most, was all the proof I needed to know it was ok. That it may not be fair when someone we care about leaves us. All we can do is honor them, my remembering who they where. Celebrate their life, by remembering how they lived it. And continue to live our lives, doing as much good as we can, while having as much fun as we can, the whole while, thanking them for reminding us how precious life really is. At the funeral my Uncle challenged us to be as good a man as my dad. If I am half the man my father was, I would be a good man. It was at this point I decided I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life, anyone's, everyone's. I didn't know where or how to start. I decided I would put together a concert for Diabetes research. It didn't come together. The funds just weren't there and I did not know how to come up with them. During this failed project, I had a conversation with my mother about the benefit and she suggested that my dad would want the benefit to go to a veteran’s charity. Several years later and after a great deal of learning, was born. This is the first project of what I hope is many, with the goal of helping our community in as many ways as possible. My goal with is to spread awareness about veteran’s issues, and give the cannabis community a way to say thank you and support our troops as they come home. Our veterans have fought for our rights and we thank them by exercising those rights, and support them by spreading awareness about the sacrifice they have given. The fact is, there are a lot of veterans in the cannabis community. In supporting other charities with this company, we hope to harness the powerful giving nature and activist support the cannabis community has. The fact is we care, and let our actions speak for us. We care about people; we care about our home, our water, our food supply, our children, our animals and our planet. It's the only one we have. You don't have to be a veteran, or a part of the cannabis community to support our causes. Our only requirement is if you do support, put your whole heart into it. Something’s are worth giving everything. Thanks dad for the inspiration, I love you and miss you.



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