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Hoops And Homework Inc


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Hoops And Homework Inc
Tax ID: 47-2577737
BASED: Framingham, MA, United States


Hoops And Homework Inc

After school programs

It is the Mission of Hoops and Homework to provide two safe, supervised environments for after school educational and recreational activities for children attending elementary and middle school, who live at the Cochituate Homes (Interfaith) Complex, and the Carlson/ Pusan Public Housing, to provide staff and volunteers to supervise children in the completion of their school assigned homework, promote reading and math skills, and to provide opportunities for a variety of recreational, cultural, and enrichment activities that will promote the exploration and development of the children’s skills, talents and hobbies. All services to be provided to the children free of charge. This is the lowest income (highest poverty) section of Framingham. Meals are provided every week day even when there is no school.

Major Programs and geographic scope of services

There is no more worthwhile undertaking than to set out to make a real difference in the life of a child.  Hoops and Homework plays a vital role in the lives of the children living in section 8 rental housing units in the Waverly and Beaver St. area, which is the lowest income area of the town. This area was described by Robin Welch, former principal of Woodrow Wilson School as “the projects”.

Focused on improving the quality of life for disadvantaged, underprivileged and under served youth and their parents, Hoops and Homework provides high quality, professional, and impassioned care and meals for 86 children.  We are open from 3 to 6pm..  Additionally, Hoops and Homework opens from 1  to 6 pm on vacation days, early release days, summer days and any other days when school is not in session.

Organizational Structure and number of staff

It is stressful and unproductive and can be dangerous for children to be left on their own after school.  At best, they spend their time in front of the television.  At worst, they engage in risky or dangerous behaviors. Hoops and Homework provides children with a safe, supportive after school environment. We employ 9 paid staff to supervise and mentor our 96 children.  Each of our two centers has a very experienced and qualified supervisor. In addition, we have a former principal and former director of Special Education who come weekly to help and to supervise the staff.

The target population and community needs to be addressed,

Percent and number of low income kids served by the project

Data from the most recent census shows that Median household income is $29,162 for the area which Hoops and Homework serves (Census Tract 383102.) This is in the lowest 6.6% of the state. Blacks and Hispanics make up 87% of the organization's  target population. Data from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education indicate that the students from our area falling into the high service need category is from 53% to 87%.  These are students at risk of educational failure or otherwise in need of special assistance and support, such as students who are living in poverty, who are far below grade level, who have disabilities, or who are English learners. Of our 96 students, 43 have single person head of household, 62 are from extremely low income families, and 34 are from low income families. These kids need a lot of care and mentoring.

Goals to be achieved by the project

We have been evaluating the skill levels of our kids in English and Math and identifying the areas where they are weak in order to work on those specific areas.  We have shown measurable and identifiable results for them. They are making progress.


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