Hope for Jamie

Organized by: Sabina Puchalska

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My daughter jamie is 15 years old. That has struggled woth medical issue's since she was 9. when we first found out she has epilepsy. Her first surgery was in 2009 when she had a heart monitor placed on her heart to keep track of her ueart rate. And to revive her heart if it dropes below 35 beats per minute. Which was a huge issue with the school. She was considered a high liability. In 2012 she was hurt on school property. Stabbed in her face by a student because she was different. She was forced out and put in alternitive by the school that faild to protect her. She was doing on line . in 2014 me wore forced to move due to the amount of bullying. Frash start. New place right? Wrong. She. Has strict instructions of not to be left alone due to the epilepsy. Once Agian she was having problems. 6 months later she was in a vary bad car accidents. And had shattered her pelvis. She was put in a wheel chair. But she was NOT. Accepting that. She faught hard and beat the odds in 3 months she was walking.. No matter how hard it was. My lil girl is a fighter. In 2015 jamie started to get sick a lot. Loosing her hair. In constant pain. So on . she was once Agian getting. Sent home cause the school did not want to deal woth it. Every day i got a call at 10 am that she is being sent home. Truancy. Got involved. And did not care. That the school is not doing their job. That she can not help it. But instead i am getting charged woth that. And facing jail .. Last month. Being in and out of the hospital so much i took her in to get checked. She was crying in pain. After many test her white cell count is abnormal.. Was sent for more test l i got the worest news a mother never wants to hear. Your daughter has cancer.. As if she has not been through enough. . in and out of the hospital more then the doctor ls that work their since she was 9.. A few days later her insurance was canceled. Yes state insurance deyned her.. due to a pre-existing condition yes that's right State Medicaid denied her insurance private insurance will not take her because of the same problem but I did find one private insurance but they're still co-pays and other medication that she needs and treatments that I have to come out of pocket i am working three jobs. To pay her expenses along with bills rent and still maintaining to take care of my other three children which is extremely difficult I did not get State help no food assistance nothing everything out of pocket. I am not asking for much. But we have been thru so much. .. It is just me and my kids. Their father dose NOT pay not even a dollor of child support. Jamie is a fighter. Amd i know we can beat this.. I buried my mother because of cancer. I don't want to bury my child.. This is also triggering severe seizures..


Organized by

Sabina Puchalska

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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