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Hope, Faith, and Courage for Epilepsy

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Epilepsy is a daily struggle for most. You may look at someone and see nothing but in the inside they have pain and are scared that a seizure may occur, and most never know when that will happen. I am wanting to help raise money to Donate to the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago and I need your help. Whether its a few dollars any thing can help. You never know they can be close to finding a cure, but they need our help!

My name is Melissa and I am 22 and I was diagnosed with Epilepsy a little over year ago. I gave birth to my daughter 2 years ago next month, after I gave birth is when I started having problems. I went to hospitals all over the area we lived and always recieved a different answer from them all.

One day it was just me and my daughter home and I don't know what happened but I woke up on the floor to my daughter screaming and crying. I was rushed to the hospital started having tests done and was finally admitted for more testing. That night I had a seizure and was out of it and they could not bring me out of it. My family said it was the scariest thing. I had nurses on top of me trying to bring me back and they did everything but I just couldn't do it. I was transfered in to Neuro ICU and a few days later I finally was back and didn't understand where I was at and was explained what had happened. I have no memory of those days at all. I lost days off my life because of this disorder that I can never get back. Finally things were getting better and i was released and had a few everyone in a while then things started going back down hill. My medication stopped working. I went up to the University of Chicago and had tests and was there for a week and was treated so well.

Now it has been 8 months since I have had any test done, and I have been one the same medications they prescribed and things are going great. I may have a few petite maul seizures every once in a while but thats it. I am telling my story because due to this Disorder that I have missed out and have lost memory everytime I had a seizure and it wasn't properly medicated and we didn't know what was going on. I am very blessed that I have gotten better but I still have tremors going off in my brain but medication is preventing the seizures.

I want to help, some may not be like me some may never have another seizure, but some still have them everyday and they can not control it, know matter how many medications they are one. Lets help find a cure. To help people so they don't have to live with this the rest of there life.

Lets support and lets donate! I am not just wanting this for me but all the others that suffer everyday. I do not let Epilepsy control me, I control it. Lets have Hope, Courage, and Faith!! Help find a cure!!



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