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Help us build Kasai's first school house! Kasai is a region in the Democratic Republic of Congo, neglected by the rest of the world. The children of Kasai are in desperate need of an adequate school house. Will you help them? Find out more about our organization at Tax ID 45-3080873


No black tie or elegant dress required.

No fancy hors'd'oeuvres and three course dinner.

No babysitting fees or limo for hire.

This year, Hope For Kasai will not be having a gala. The funds that would have gone towards venue, caterers, entertainment, decorations, and all of the other details  that make for a successful gala will instead be contributed to the Hope For Kasai School House Project.

The school house we hope to build will provide a safe, nurturing environment that is suitable for learning, thereby ensuring the future and hope of the children of Kasai.

We ask you to help us by making a generous donation, knowing that  100% of your contributions will go directly to the Hope for Kasai School House Project.


Join us today by donating

Level 1:  Foundation $xxx

Level 2: Roof $xxx

Level 3: Walls $xxx

Level 4: Windows and doors $xxx

Level 5: Desks, blackboards, chairs, and other necessary classroom equipment