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Hopeful Hearts of Grenada's Children

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Desiree Winnett


Hopeful Hearts Foundation,
        My name is Desiree Winnett and I am a United States resident currently living in Grenada, West Indies.  I came here not only determined to learn and understand the community which surrounds me but also to provide positive change. I have been active in both volunteering and community building and even though I have been blessed to be given these opportunities I was motivated to do even more. I see all children, no matter what age or where they live, as the hope of our world's future. The number of children living below the poverty level has increased drastically after the devastating effects of hurricane Ivan in 2004. The horrific hurricane destroyed 90% of the homes in Grenada leaving hundreds hungry, homeless and lost. This not only effected the economy but most importantly the welfare of children. As a result, the number of occupants in orphanges increased drastically greatly impacting the funds and supplies available for the children. As the community worked to re-build after the great devastation, organizations such as schools and orpahages were still left struggling to provide for children in need, many of which who are disabed. Even though the orphanges housing these children have made a tremendous effort to sustain their porgrams without adequate funding, they continue to struggle due to the suffering economy and lack of substantial funding.
       I have come to realize just how important these orphanages are not only for the children but also for the future of Grenada. I decided that a positive change, even if small, was better than no change at all thus empowering myself to do more. Through this motivation I devised a non-profit organization named "Hopeful Hearts of Grenada's Children". My hope is that the organization will not only help provide the necessaties for the orphan children of Grenada but also implement hope and understanding. With the help of the St. Georges University in Grenada and non-profit organizations in the United States I hope to educate others about the importance of Hopeful Hearts of Grenada's Children and how with hope, we can improve the lives of the Grenadian children living in the Queen Elizabeth orphanage. 



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