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Hope Ryzen

Organized by: Ryzen Family

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Stand Up for what’s right with us! Help is needed to continue the fight for justice for Kara, her family, and her baby Ryzen. Currently, Kara has spent upwards of $28,000 since last October and the costs will keep adding up until justice is obtained. Her family and friends have been an amazing support system as well, but we need more help!

  To keep fighting for her baby she needs your support and partnership through financially backing. The necessary ongoing efforts to straighten this issue out with the appropriate legal help will rack her already astronomical legal fees up even more! This issue and these costs are more than one family can handle alone. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

  She is dealing with the tremendous pain of the loss of her BABY BOY as well as the devastation of her two other children who are struggling with the loss of their brother and the torment of this situation as well.

Her baby has been withheld from her and her family for almost a year with temporary orders of custody given to the father after he cheapshotted her AND HER BABY in court with an Ex Parte in a desperate attempt to redeem his name after he made a series of bad decisions. 

  The baby's father and Kara split up after a brief mistake of a relationship that began shortly after trying to make it work out when they found out they were pregnant. After months of chances to create peace for the baby, and her hope that the behavior would stop, the instances of abuse worsned after she had her baby. She finally filed for protection through a restraining order. She filed self represented and included a request for visitation when her baby was 19 days old. She filed this A MONTH prior to the Ex Parte hearing where the father retailiated with baseless lies and "crazy" claims stating that she was a danger to her baby.

  At the time of the Ex Parte, the restraining order hearing against the father had not yet taken place. Her ex was also kicked out of the police academy after admitting to pushing her down at 32 weeks pregnant with their baby, an act that was preceded by many other acts of abuse as well as vows to make her life "hell" and use his so called "connections" against her in order to regain his status with the police department.

She had no idea what they were claiming the day her baby was taken at the ex parte and was not given needed time to retain a lawyer within the 1 day notice she received of the hearing. (There shouldn't be discrimination against in pro per litigants & litigants should have proper notice of claims being made against them in order to get appropriate legal help prior to court!) She was told through court provided facilitator services that she could represent herself as they helped her through the court filings and she was led to believe she her and her baby would be protected and treated fairly. She was misguided and quickly learned that Family Law is the most LAWLESS sector of Law.

  Her solely breastfed NEWBORN was taken at 6 weeks old. She has no criminal history, no drug history, no mental history, and no cps history. Kara has two other BEAUTIFUL kids ages 5 and 7 who have always been in her custody! Kara is and has been held in high esteem as a great mother and person. She has continued to have a workable relationship with her ex-husband and father of her older children for years, as well as his family! Despite any problems they’ve encountered, they have successfully co-parented for YEARS without further courts intervention.

Currently her ex is using the courts as a tool to further his abuse.She is treated like a criminal having to pay $55 an hour for her and her two kids to see their baby. It costs between $600-900 a month to see her own baby she carried & nurtured from her own body!

Judges and lawyers know each other and all engage in a culture of unethical personal bias and case information sharing. It's also an issue of small town politics effecting big import issues like FAMILIES AND CHILDREN!  Help bring change to our family law court systems. Help hold the people accountable who allowed this atrocity to happen. Join us in creating awareness and our push for change in the family law court systems.

There are currently NO enforced standards of proof/evidence for claims or effective accountability for lawyers and judges. Families are being ripped apart and lost in the red tape, unethical practices, & corrupt interests of lawyers and judges of this Family Law system. This is a total outrage and violation of her civil rights, freedoms, stripping her natural rights as a mother of her own baby, and unlawfully and unjustly and not treating my case with such a small baby in a timely matter whatsoever. They have also exploited Kara unjustly in other unspeakable ways that are totally irrelevant and prove nothing except this system and man is sickly abusive and immature. This is in the WORST interest of her baby--they are getting away with murder.

PLEASE help fight for baby Ryzen and fight to get the Family law issues HEARD and CHANGED! Families and children matter the most!!! With the divorce rates these days, this corrupt system is effectively harming over 50% of the population! STAND UP WITH US!


Organized by

Ryzen Family

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