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Hope's And Dream's

Organized by: Samantha Pierce

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Hello everyone I'm going to tell you a little bit about my story and why I'm making this fundraiser. I'm starting this fundraiser because as a child and part of my adult life my parents who were on drugs and chose the wrong path were not in my life like they should have.My father who was never in my and a mother who went to jail for 17 years. growing up without my mother and father very very hard. See as a child and an adult I have had some mental health issues myself. I've tried to commit suicide so what time but by the grace of God he's held me in his hands and kept me alive each and every time.I would always be upset at other little girls and boys who had their parents in their life. Growing up that seem like that's all I can really focus on was me not having my parents. Even though I was given almost anything I wanted, to me that wasn't enough. I was still missing my parents. as I got older my mother was released from jail and since she's a God-fearing woman when she first got a job and an apartment right away. but for some people it's not that easy, for some people they struggle and struggle for a long time before they can even find any work or if they find any work and an apartment at problem that occurred when my mother was released from jail was health insurance. for some odd reason she could not get the proper health insurance she needed. instead they gave her prenatal care which really wasn't anything that could help her because she wasn't pregnant. this was the only health insurance she was able to get. And not knowing my mother very well I believe she had some mental health issues as well. but seeing as if she didn't have any insurance to seek help from Mental Health Counselors she couldn't get what she needed which I think was the cause of her taking her life in 2015. you see looks can be deceiving and just because a person has a job has friends and a smile on there face and tell you everything is alright deep down inside it may not be alright, and I've experienced that for myself many of times before. so with that being said I'd like to make this fundraiser for men and women being released from jail to be able to get health insurance and seek the Mental Health Counseling they need. so they can further live a happy life instead of just pretending they are . I would like to raise money so they won't have to worry about not having good health insurance so they won't put themselves into a mental state of mind thinking they won't be able to make it in life. I'm sure there in jail worrying about how it would be when they got out of jail. so I would like to make it just a little easier for them to be able to adjust outside of being behind bars so when they do get released it won't feel like they're still behind bars with handcuffs on . i want then to be able to enjoy and live the rest of their life with no more chains and shackles holding them down . And as for the children I want to set up a counseling program for the mothers and fathers Behind Bars to be able to get counseling with their children on how to adjust in a life without their parent. Because I asked for me as a child I was very upset that i didn't have my mother in my life and I held that against her for many years. So I feel as though if we handle the situation ahead of time I'm in the early stages of their life when it's time to reunite and be with your family again outside of jail they can have an easy transition. the children won't have to hold it against their parent and be ashamed of where their parents are. The children will have to feel upset that other boys and girls have their mothers and fathers with them at their homes their mother or father is behind bars. My life as a child I might have had any and everything I wanted but but all i really wanted was a mother and a father .I still felt alone with family all around I still felt alone. I felt like my body was here but my mind was somewhere else hoping and praying that I would be able to live a normal life. what I mean by normal life is being able to graduate high school and go to a wonderful college and get a good education have my mother and father be proud of me. but as I got older that seem to be a little more challenging then thought it would be. as I begin to apply for college that seemed to be the easy I started to take the classes it seemed like I could not focus, I could not pay attention. It seems like my thoughts were still in the past thinking about my mother my father and thinking about how I want my life to go on the right path and how i want to be able to get a good career and be somebody in life. But for some reason i just could not get a hold on this college life. see my thing is I don't believe you can teach everyone in the world one certain kind of way because not everyone learns the same way. some people are able to cram a bunch of information in their brain in a matter of hours and weeks and be able to do well and come out on top, Aceing every test. While others may need a little more time to be able to absorb all the material and knowledge they need in order to be successful. I believe the school system is setting some people up for failure not only failure they're setting them up to be in debt for the rest of your life having to take out student loans .And as for me I believe I'm one of those people because as I was taking my classes for college in the beginning everything seemed to go alright. it was a fast pace which was overwhelming to me to cram everything I needed to know in one to 2 days and then take a test on the third day. then starting a new chapter the next week. it seemed like I was just setting myself up for failure over and over again. Not to mention it seemed like at the time I would begin my classes I would have three or four family members die at one time which also made it hard for me to focus each and every time i started school. I was talking classes in 2015 trying to hang in there when my uncle died my mother died and my cousin died all at once in 2 to 3 months time span.I wasn't sleeping I wasn't eating so once again I had to drop out of school. and it's not only happened once twice three times it happened about four or five times and at this point I'm thinking to myself what's wrong with me. Am I not good enough am i stupid? what is that word stupid what does that really mean? I would doubt myself all the time asking myself and asking God why can't I get ahold on the knowledge and the information they're giving me why can't I remember any of it .... Why God what can't I get a hold on LIFE. I know why it's because for people like myself we can't be rushed trying to learn something it's never going to work. so my second reason for trying to raise money for this fundraiser is for the Young or the old individuals who need just a little more time in college to be able to learn and understand the work that's being taught to them. on their level on their time. I would like to raise money so they would be able to take one or two classes at a time instead of having to take 4 to 5 classes to be a full-time student in order to get financial aid. In any way possible that this might work it will be helping not only those who can but those who believe they can't. And last but not least a third reason for making this fundraiser is for the homeless, who's family has left them abandon them no longer wants to be bothered with them. for the homeless who have no way of helping themselves. I'd like to make a program where they can come in get mental Health counseling, drug and alcohol counseling in order to become a part of society again. TO help them feel like a human being again. I believe that would be the first step to getting them back on the right track. while they're getting this help we can look forward to the next phase in their life which is getting health insurance. finding out what their skills are so that we can be able to provide them with the stable job, career to get them back on their feet. In the third phase of their life they can be with their family again they can have a home to live in instead of living on the street or being put in jail for bagging . I'm sure there's people out there making a difference for the homeless each and every day , But that's only supplying their needs for that day for that moment. so they can make it until the next day. how about we help Supply their needs for the future until they're able to make it on their own again. until they're able to feel like somebody and be accepted by friends family and Society . Once again I've been in some homeless situations despite friends and family being around . And it doesn't feel good to have to beg and ask people for anything but when you have nothing what else can you do. At every different age and stage of my life I've been through a little bit of everything I'm speaking about now. So this fundraiser is to help give back to people at different stages of their lives .even though I don't have much I have an idea. Which is to help others and see them succeed amongst the weeds. even if I don't blossom and push through those weeds to become a beautiful rose, I would love to see others become a beautiful bouquet of flowers. With the sun shining so bright on their future that no amount of weeds can stop them from growing. No matter the storm they will stand strong and live on.


Organized by

Samantha Pierce

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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