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Because life is precious


Hospice at Home is hope-filled care that lets you, or the person you are caring for, experience the highest quality of life possible.

Many people hear the word "hospice" and associate it with giving up hope. Yet, giving up hope is not what Hospice at Home is about. Instead, it is one of the most hope-filled organizations in Southwest Michigan.

The mission of Hospice at Home is to:

Serve our patients, families and communities with dedication and compassion.

Deliver the best end-of-life care to help people experience peaceful, pain-free and sacred deaths within the contexts of their own lives.

Guide our youth, adults and families through the grief process with timely and consistent availability.

Fundraising allows us to deliver extra services like pet and massage therapy and expanded bereavement support.  It also enables us to help anyone who needs our care, regardless of ability to pay. Thank you for supporting our mission!