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"My husband and I share a two-family home with my father-in-law. We live on the main level (there's no basement or crawl space) with our children (our daughter is 16 & our son is 9). The house had never taken in water during a storm prior to Hurricane Sandy.

During the storm we had about 3’ of water in our home and almost everything we owned was destroyed (furniture, appliances, electronics, all of my children’s baby things including all of their report cards, awards & certificates from school and sports; my children lost almost everything they own except for some clothes that we were able to salvage (they lost all of their books, games, toys, school supplies, etc.). To add insult to injury, two days after the storm after we had already gutted everything someone came into our back yard & stole all of my husband’s work tools.

We received a small grant from FEMA that was just enough to replace the vehicle that we owned which was damaged during the storm & we were able to replace some of the appliances. We have appealed to FEMA requesting more funds, but we’ve been denied twice. We have also depleted all of our savings in order to fix up our home. We are at a standstill for now.

My father-in-law’s homeowner’s insurance refused to help because he didn’t have flood insurance (the mortgage is paid off). He was approved for the SBA loan which has enabled us to do a large portion of the work, but it’s not enough to finish everything (we need to replace the roof; we need to replace the hot water heater; have the lines pressure tested so that we can have our gas turned back on; have to get counter tops & a kitchen sink; we were able to purchase floors, but we have to pay for labor to have them installed; we still need to get doors and molding; we still have some electrical work that needs to be completed; we have four trees that need to be taken down in our backyard; and we have to get furniture.

Despite the chaos & heartache that this storm caused, I think it has also brought out the best in so many people and it has brought us together as a community. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you to everyone for everything they’ve done to help. We’ll be back, and we’ll all be better than before!!


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