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Housing for All Corp.

Places of Hope, Built on Faith!

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Cape Cod is a beautiful place.  As the late Patti Page crooned if you visit, "You’re sure to fall in love with Old Cape Cod." But even here in paradise-with exceptionally high housing, food and utility costs people can easily fall through the cracks. An illness, an unwanted divorce, a high heating bill are all doorways to homelessness.  Many of our residents have found themselves in difficulty due to circumstances beyond their control, and others..well...make mistakes and need a second chance.  CHAMP Homes serves individuals from 17 to 74 who find themselves in need of supportive housing.  We provide a family environment and seek to nurture a person back to wholeness through a hand-up approach to bettering lives.  Our Hyannis, Cape Cod, MA School Street campus consists of four homes housing 45 men and women. And Pilot House I and II house 21 men who are learning to live sober.  Our centrally located open-air community pavilion is used for community outreach events and inter-campus programs.   Our green initiative consists of Solar panels on our Paviliion and our main and largest house.   CHAMP Homes is part of the CoC (Continuum of Care) to help end homelessness in our communities.  Simply, we seek to "Take care of each other."  (Matthew 25)