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Help with getting permanent housing

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Hi. I'm in a rough situation and I hope to get some help. I'm single, epileptic and my landlords want to sell the house that the apartment I live in is located in. I don't drive and it is really hard for me to get to places. I know that the amount I'm asking for is a lot but I wouldn't ask if I wasn't feeling afraid. They have told me to throw my pets in a shelter and just get out. They have already gone into my security deposit even though I haven't moved yet, told me that someone else wanted the apartment, wouldn't fix the tiles in the bathroom and told housing that I broke them so they wouldn't fix them. I've had to stop driving, working, going to movies or even concerts. I didn't even know I was epileptic until my thirties. My mother left it untreated for all that time and I was working full time and began having seizures and falling out of bed. I've just been living in places and have had my mail stolen, squirrels come into my apartment, my landlords have shut off my heat and I just want to be able to live without a hassle. I've sold my hair to raise money, asked for a hysterectomy to stop my period from coming so the seizures would be reduced. I've asked Ellen DeGeneres for help and haven't heard from her yet. I've done all I could and now just wanted to ask for help. I'd be really grateful to anyone who helps out and when I start making greeting cards again, I'll make you some as a thank you. Please can you think about helping?



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Heidi is working on selecting a charity so you can support Help with getting permanent housing.