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Housing purchase for disadvantaged population in Ukraine

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Andriy Nevolin


Good day!

Our young team is going to start up the project which is aimed to form more favorable terms of housing purchase for disadvantaged population in our country.

We’ve done a lot of preparations and the project is almost ready to be launched but the lack of money for the PR-campaign can’t afford us to present this project properly. In order to get more efficiency we need as many people as possible to find out about this project. All raised money will be spent for the PR-campaign via Internet.

Actually, Ukraine is the considered country.

Social issues

A lot of young citizens of Ukraine, almost since their teens, want to leave this country and live somewhere in other place with better living conditions. There are many problems in economics and other spheres here that influence badly upon the standards of living for most part of population. The one of which is inaccessibility and high cost of housing.

The middle class representatives are almost absent in this country. According to the research results of the Ukrainian Institute of Statistics nearly half of population lives on the breadline which is mostly the families with children. United Nations research is even more pessimistic (studied according to the European standards) – more than 80% of the country is poor. But 10% of the population is rich and very rich people who are called “clans”. These “clans” hold 90% active assets of our country. Actually these people own a lot of property, few apartments and houses, and left 90% - in a housing collapse as they have to save money during their lifetime or take a loan at huge interests to purchase an apartment.

Problems on the real estate market in Ukraine

To make it clear all the cases will be given in dollars which are taken of statistics in Kyiv – the capital of Ukraine.

The citizen’s average salary in Kyiv per month is 300$ (much more people earn even less, not many – more). The average cost of apartment on the city suburb in old-days house with bad living environment of 23 sq. meters is 40 000$ (data of real estate agency). Easy calculations show that a man must save the whole amount of his salary during 11 years in order to purchase this apartment. But at this period he will have to spend on food and living, rent (he has to live somewhere), etc. But there is no guaranty of full-time and reliable job and the possibility of being fired is very high in Ukraine, which increases the time for getting the necessary amount of money. There is also mortgage loan but the interests are so huge that it is almost impossible to pay (interests are about 20% per year).

Many people are afraid of making a family because they don’t have proper place for living and confidence in the financial future to take care of children. As a result the birth rate is falling down (in Ukraine the death rate exceeds the birth rate). A huge pro cent of young people just live the country hoping to earn some money abroad (in legal and illegal ways) and just stay abroad.

Despite these difficulties there are a lot of people that save money and try to get this amount to purchase their own living place.

We are aware of the possibility of building companies to reduce the cost of housing by quite considerable amounts (we keep communications with them) by having increased the speed of apartments sale.

Having built the house and sold all the apartments at lower cost than it is on the market, the building company gets lower income but in shorter period and can start the next building. But today it takes quite a long time to sell an apartment which increases their cost in order the building companies could cover the dead time.

Our project is aimed to decrease the housing cost and we need money for its promotion.



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Andriy is working on selecting a charity so you can support Housing purchase for disadvantaged population in Ukraine.