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The Humane Society of Union County, NC is here to protect animal welfare through re-homing the homeless, educating the youth and spaying and neutering through our Monroe Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic.

Humane Society of Union County Tax ID 58-1586626


The Humane Society of Union County (HSUC) believes we can't kill our way out of the overpopulation problem for cats and dogs.  We know there are other people who feel the same. That is why there are so many rescues around.

Humane Society of Union County is tackling this problem with our Monroe Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic.  This clinic has spayed and neutered over 17,000 dogs and cats in the past 6 years.  Last year we adopted 280 dogs and cats that will not reproduce.  Spaying and Neutering is a big part of ending the problem.

All this can not happen without some community outreach.  HSUC is out there Educating about compassion, handing out supplies and coupons for spaying and neutering.  School children are participating in our 4R's of Animal Care and learning a little compassion. HSUC 's motto is 

Compassion, Commitment, Community.