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Humane Society of Warren County #STARTARYOT Fundraiser

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I am writing today because we have been so overwhelmed with injured, sick and neglected dogs and cats.  Please VOTE for us to help us win some much needed funds prizes and money to help with the animals that need our help.  Together we can make a difference here...I apologize up front but much needs to be said. Please watch our video showing some of the recent dogs and cats we are helping, we take these babies in and do what is necessary for them to get better. While doing that we also do all the normal vetting required, vaccinations, spay/neuter, flea/tick meds, HW tests, and HW preventatives. That runs at least $120 per dog or cat just for that, usually more as most need some extra care or medicine. The severely injured dogs and cats cat run many hundreds of dollars or more. We could not ask for better supporters than all of you guys. You have helped save so many lives like Corona, dogs and cats that now are sharing their love with new owners because of your help and support. I know you see that over 13,000 people follow our page and although we have many that give donations monthly or one time donations for a certain animal in need, the money is not keeping up with the animals coming in. I plead with you today to please sign up for Monthly Donations. Please follow us on our Facebook Page if you do not currently "Like" our page we would love to have your support.  Our page is: Warren County Humane Society of McMinnville, Tn.  We do NOT receive any money from our County or City, we do not receive any money from the HSUS or ASPCA but that has not stopped us from helping as many dogs and cats as we can as you all see from our posts. We are always short on foster homes and funds to help. We receive calls every single day including weekends and holidays asking for our help and we do our very best to help as many as we possibly can.

Look at this video of just some of the medical cases from the last two months alone and this video is only of the animals that were the more severe cases. We have 53 dogs and cats in our care at this moment and 30 dogs coming in this week from one home plus calls every day, multiply that by just the normal vetting costs and you see that it adds up quickly (over $6,000 just for normal vetting for those in our care currently) not to mention the 30 more that need help. Then add on all the eye removals, leg surgeries, x-rays, medicine, amputations, heartworm treatment for heartworm positive dogs, bullet removals, mange treatment, food, heartworm preventative, flea and tick medicine and you see how the money is used. Last year we spent over $3,000 a month on vet bills each month to save the animals and this year we have many more asking for our help. We raise all our funds with fundraisers that all of our volunteers work very hard at, and through donations. I am pleading for you to give even a small amount each month so we can keep helping. We can no longer do the Bingo fundraisers and that has hit our monthly income very hard as that was our most popular fundraiser and we had a lot of fun with all the local animal lovers. If we can get just a quarter of our followers find it in your hearts to give $1-$5 a month that will let us keep doing our rescue work at the pace the dogs and cats are coming in. Right now we cannot keep up with everyone asking for our help. I cannot imagine if we could no longer help any animals. After witnessing some of the worst abuse and starvation of animals here I do not want to see that happen here.

What would have happened to Corona, Pandora, Christmas, Big Mac, Liam, Phoebe, Melody, Theodore, Chimichanga, Lucky, Kennedy, Cane, Tito, Lady, Tramp, Bear, Woogie, Milly, Hope, Ralph, Harmony, Blackie, Frosty, Tar Baby, Ginger, Little Sister, and so many other injured, shot, poisoned, hit by car, mange covered, sick, thrown from vehicle and abandoned dogs if we did not help? I can guarantee they would not be in loving homes now. You cannot imagine the love and appreciation we have for all of you. I know how difficult times are now, that is why we are seeing so many dogs and cats being abused and neglected.

Please click on the "Donation tab" or the "Become a Monthly Donor tab"just below our profile picture. You can also send by mail to: Humane Society of Warren County, PO Box 111, Smartt, TN. 37378 or Paypal directly to: or through our website at You do not need to have a Paypal account.

You can choose as little as $1 a month to whatever amount you can afford. You will know that all your money goes to help save these animals, transport them to awaiting homes and take them from being unwanted, abused, neglected to living with a family that loves and shares their love be it here in Warren County or whatever state across the country. 100% of donations help the animals, we are all volunteers.

We need just 1000 of you to commit to giving $5 a month. I know everyone sees the need here, sees the sad stories, I know many have your own rescue causes but we need your help now. I hope that one day we will no longer need donations because the abuse and neglect has stopped here but we are not there yet. I want to no longer see starving horses, too weak to even get up with NO ONE helping them but we are not there yet(had two more horse calls today), I want to stop seeing dogs and cats shot, and more important I want to have the authorities stop telling people to shoot dogs but we are not there yet. I want horrific acts of cruelty to stop like Corona being shot in her mouth, Lucas having his teeth filed down, or last week Tar Baby being thrown from a car and the hundreds upon hundreds of other abused animals stopped but we are not there yet.

We will keep working to not only save the animals but to keep working to bring about change here for when we do, it will bring about change in the counties nearby and although this is a slow process we will keep fighting with you by our side. I hope you can help by giving today. I know there is a dog or cat that will thank you forever for your kindness. As always thank you for caring and sharing!


You can also Donate by giving toward the Humane Society at Dr Tate's office at 615-563-4022, or mail straight to them at Cannon County Animal Clinic, 124 Masey Dr, Woodbury, Tn 37190




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