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Camp Fire USA Portland Metro Council's Fundraiser:

Camp Fire Back to School Fund

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The reality is that back to school time can be a burden on many low income families—especially those who have to provide school supplies and clothing for more than one child in their household. In this current recessive economy, public schools are being hit the hardest as the provincial government applies spending freezes to already tight education budgets.

As school districts across Oregon tighten their purse strings, classroom supplies get older and shabbier until there aren’t enough to go around the classroom. With limited school supplies available, teachers and other parents end up spending their own hard-earned money to buy pencils, pens, notebooks, and textbooks for students whose families cannot afford them. On top of paying for school supplies, teachers also usually end up paying for photocopies, chalk, blackboard markers, posters, and classroom décor out of their own pockets.

So how do we keep our teachers and parents from picking up the slack when it comes to needed school supplies? Impact Portland area youth this year by giving a tax-deductible donation to Camp Fire USA Portland Metro Council.

What $25 will buy:

- Afterschool meals for 1 child for 2 months
- Supplies for 1 child for 1 year (crayons, notebooks, colored pencils, etc)
- Education games for 10 kids
- Art supplies for 10 kids
- Transportation/admission/food for a community outing for 2 children
- Shovel, 10 plants/herbs, and bag of soil for community garden

We work very hard to provide back-to-school supplies each year and we hope we can count on you for a generous donation of $25 or more. However, any donation amount is always welcomed. Thanks for your support!



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