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July 11, 2017

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PROJECT DESCRIPTION This project has a centralized of Rural health center and covers 50 Villages with the existing population of 25000 thousand and adding population of 500 every year (New born, migrants and others). The project will have RCH services throughout-reach from the health center to 50 Villages (The vulnerable section of the society) which have till now substantially been left out of the RCH facilities. We include younger and older women as well as those of childbearing age, and men as well as women. The project will provide the following services: Prenatal and postal care, general medical and child health services, information, consultations and referrals for complications, and trained attendants in child birth, in addition to family planning and sexual health care, immunization camps, ANC camps, adolescent training. The project will also provide protection and screening against sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS, teaches responsible sexual behavior, eye-camps, Gender equality training, Entrepreneurship training to raise income of women. PROJECT OBJECTIVES • To address reproductive health of adolescents by providing appropriate trainings counseling and services. • To organize regular Immunization camps for under five year’s children and for pregnant women. To provide medicines and nutritious food to reduce malnourishment among children and women. • To adopt integrated approach of contraception issues, maternal health issues and good health status. • To build the knowledge and awareness among couples to have sexual relations free of fear of pregnancy and of contracting diseases. • To promote reproductive and child health services in the target areas. • To narrow the gender gap and enhance the decisive role of women for social development. • To train health attendants and health workers in and around the targeted location on reproductive and child health. • To empower the women in target areas by developing women skills and livelihood options (income generating trainings) through entrepreneurship. • To intervene for improving survival of newborns to ensure adequate care and ensure that the life of the mother and of the newborn are not in angered. • To emphasize breastfeeding education and support services which can simultaneously contribute to birth spacing, better maternal and child health and higher child survivals. Goal Outcomes • Adolescent girls and boys from the project villages will have better knowledge on reproductive health. • 50 villages will have health awareness and effective preventive care for health problems. • The children and new born of the project area will gain good health. • The immunization ratio will incre ased from 15% to 80%. • The women will receive vaccination and get regular medical checkup. • In the project area and the near by villages gender discrimination will be reduced. • In the target area women will under go income generations training programs and avail regular income source. • Women and children’s health will be improved. • Woman will know the importance of breast feeding and do it 100%. • The men and women will gain reproductive health care. • Infant and maternal mortality rate is reduced. ACTIVITIES - Organize monthly Immunization camps. - Regular ANC camps. - Training to adolescent girls and boys on sex education. - Providing medicines to all the patients. - Providing supplementary nutritious food to pregnant women and children. - Training to men and women on child spacing and family planning. - Training to postnatal women on breastfeeding and newborn care. - Organize General health camps. - Social camps on visual impediment. - Enterprenoship training to mothers. - TBA Training - Health workers training. - Regional meeting - Village meeting


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