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International Hua-yan Buddhist Federation

The wisdom and compassion of Lord Buddha's teaching should be expressed and felt in our daily activities, in everyone's current moment of mind. The purpose of our practice is not for practice itself, but to benefit everyone, including ourselves, to let everyone feel the the wisdom and compassion in every moment. Tax ID 47-2094590


The International Hua-Yan Buddhist Federation exists to be a reliable role in educating, cultivating and supporting anyone -who is looking for mindful peace through Buddhist philosophical teaching, guided meditation, and daily Buddhist principle contemplation. The International Hua-Yan Buddhist Federation strives to become everyone’s inter-house of peace; is devoted to preserve and spread Buddhism worldwidely  by creating opportunities to listen, reflect, meditate, and actualize the  teachings of the Buddha.



Inspired by an attitude of universal responsibility and service, The International Hua-Yan Buddhist Federation provides integrated education through which people’s minds and hearts can be transformed into their highest potential  of wisdom and compassion for the benefits of others.