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Hugs For The Helpless ⛺

Organized by: Brandon Donald

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We can make a difference. It takes a little courage, faith and friendship. We all matter :)
October 28, 2016

EVENT DATE Oct 29, 2016


    The purpose of this page is to raise awareness to the many people living alone on the streets. I hope some of you will choose to contact me and join me in helping the helpless. Winter is almost here. Can you see them? The starving families? The lonely kids, the forgotten mothers? I can see the faces of the countless souls wandering around begging for that annoying loose change rattling in my left pocket. They desire a hot meal, a warm bed, a clean set of clothes..... a hug.

      It's really something, the hugs we give. We hug when we say hi and bye to our closest friends and family, or when we haven't seen someone for awhile. But to me, the most important hugs, are the ones who give hope to the hopeless... the ones which just might give somebody the will to live another day. Yeah, it's everywhere in the world, but I'm starting with Dallas because its my home town. I've grown up stepping over the poor sleeping on the sidewalk, and yes, you heard me right: stepping over them; I didn't used to care this much. You see, it didn't strike me this hard until I decided to see first hand through the eyes of some of these amazing people and give them a friendship. I'm on day 9 of "Hugs for the Homeless." You cant tell by looking at me, but i gave up all my luxuries and have given my life to serving the poor. Ive been blessed by a few, and cursed by many. Ive slept behind the public Library and in the morning Ive seen God in a parking lot handing out clothes, food and coffee to the hungry bringing tears of joy to the eyes of people who can't remember their last moment of laughter. These are people just like you and I. Most of them once had loving families, jobs, friends, and for whatever reason whether it be addiction, depression, lost of loved ones or mental illness they now find themselves without the means or determination to provide for themselves. Without hope, without love. Its easy for you and I to wake up in the morning and get ready for work, pack stuff for lunch, get that coffee, get off, go home, watch The Walking Dead, make lasagna, get into our comfortable beds and hit the snooze button in the morning then repeat that cycle....but there are those whose daily tasks are basic survival. They don't know where their next meal is coming from. They don't know whether it's going to rain on them tonight. They're focus is on avoiding going to sleep and waking up being stabbed, raped, robbed or beaten. They just don't know.....

    I'm on day 9. I have hundreds of stories i can tell you, and i would love to if you would let me. Just last night I was with one of my friends who have decided to join me in this mission, and we came across a man in the middle of a busy highway laying flat on his back crying uncontrollably, so I jumped out and picked him up. I carried him like a backpack to the side of the street and he looked at me with fear in his eyes. Not fear of me, fear of survival. This man had lost all desire to continue breathing. He didn't speak English (I understand a little Spanish and my daughter is bilingual) and he informed me that his mother had just passed away and he had nobody in the world that loved him. I held him and I told him that God loved him and he had a purpose in this life..that people would miss him greatly if he gave up. Out of nowhere, he tried to hurl himself into an oncoming car so I restrained him and set him back on the wall. I continued to talk to him and pray for help and amazingly, by the time our conversation ended I could see a glimmer of hope in his eyes! :) I tell you this not to come across as a saint, I'm far from it trust me, but I want you to understand the rare situation where we decide to help a stranger for no personal gain whatsoever. It is that pure raw love for Humanity that gives me the hope to continue living in this world. I see it in the eyes of a stranger and the glimmer of compassion I know each and every one of us has inside. Isn't it time we did something about it together? I decided to take it personally. He said but that one lost sheep is more valuable to him than the flock that has already found him, so it's that one lost soul that he doesn't get to see that breaks his heart. Whether you're Christian or not I believe that if we came together with compassion in our hearts and the loose change in our pockets that there would be no hungry, lonely children, scared women or suicidal men on the streets of Dallas, Texas. I believe in a shared responsibility, a small amount of compassion to unite together and really do good in this world. Dont you believe you were meant for more?

   These are the material things I need help getting: water bottles, food and snacks with nutritional value, hygeine, clothes, winter coats, longjohns, underwear, socks, and shoes. These are the other 4 ways to help: 1.)Care 2.)Prayer 3.)Dare 4.)Share Care~ about the needs of others. Prayer~ for us and our mission, and for those we have been called to love. Share~ this by whatever means available to you. (Social Media, word of mouth, church, etc.) Dare~ to get out of your comfort zone and contact me if you want to join in helping.

Text me at 4696001207.

Email me at

Find me somewhere in Downtown Dallas.

Love can set you free.


Organized by

Brandon Donald

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