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CROWDRISE : Apr 03, 2013
Tax ID: 75-1786051
BASED: Hurst, TX, United States



Our Mission

The mission of Hugworks is to provide healing experiences for the special needs of children of all ages through performing arts and media.

Hugworks' staff, volunteers, and apprentices provide Therapeutic Music Entertainment programs in children's hospitals, summer medical camps, and other community settings in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, throughout Texas, and across the nation. Developed by Jim Newton and the Hugworks team, Therapeutic Music Entertainment (TME) is a musical performance or activity which, by virtue of its diversion, amusement and/or engaging qualities, promotes healing.Whether a child's challenge is medical, emotional-psychological, or abuse, our songs help them express feelings in healthy ways, build self-esteem, accept their own and others' differences, relax, be silly, have fun, and heal.

Tax ID: 75-1786051 •


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