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Your donation makes a difference. When you give, your support goes directly to supporting 80 orphans, sending 250 kids to elementary school, providing free healthcare to over 3,000 people, and supporting a number of humanitarian projects (fresh water, emergency relief, community feeding programs and subsistence farming).

www.hugz4haiti.org Tax ID 27-2353999


We partner with MEBI in Haiti to make a difference daily by:

  • Feeding and caring for over 80 kids living in the MEBI Orphanage
  • Providing free elementary school education and uniforms for over 250 students
  • Keeping the free clinic open to the sick in the community
  • Supporting the spiritual ministry of the church, to break the hold of the prevailing culture

MEBI Haiti is also involved in humanitarian efforts:  

  • Providing fresh water
  • Providing emergency relief
  • Feeding the orphans and the hungry in surrounding communities daily
  • Sustaining itself through agriculture and animal farming (chicken, eggs, goats)