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abhishek singh

abhishek singh
New Delhi, Delhi India
Stuff About Me:

The Humaanation has been inspired from the “Terrarium” (a self-sufficient ecosystem). A terrarium is a small  garden which is self contained within a glass or plastic container. Terrariums are often sealed. This little world is a closed ecological system. Light gets in, but nothing else - no food, no water, and no nutrients. Everything must be recycled.

Humanation is striving to create a self –sufficient ecosystem for the Society.

Just like terrarium doesn’t need anything from outer world,  we are trying to create a self-sufficient financial eco system for the society

The terrarium works independently because all plants breathe, taking in oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide. As the moisture in the soil condenses it will turn back into moisture and runs down the sides effectively watering the plants.

As a society, we can also create a self sufficient eco systems for betterment of the society. Just like in terrarium all the eliments contribute to create its self-sufficient eco system



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