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Bringing the Earth into the Hearts of All


Who We Are: 

The Center for Human-Earth Restoration, Inc. (C.H.E.R.) is a non-profit based out of Raleigh, North Carolina.  We offer innovative environmental education programs based on the works of eco-theologian Thomas Berry, renowned scientist George Washington Carver, and noted conservationist Aldo Leopold. C.H.E.R. provides many types of camps, classes, seminars, and workshops for both children and adults, all designed to restore the innate connection humans have to the Earth.

Our Mission:

The mission of C.H.E.R. is to bring about a world of informed, motivated people committed to caring for the Earth “as a communion of subjects rather than a collection of objects” as emphasized by Thomas Berry.  This transformation happens by bringing the Earth and its renewing spirit home to the heart of each person. We believe that if each person expands their connection to the Earth, they will find a deeper joy in time outdoors, and in turn, they will protect the Earth and live with it wisely.