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The mission of the Humane Society of Tuolumne County (HSOTC) is to find homes for abandoned, abused, and unwanted animals, promote humane education, and maintain a clean and safe environment for homeless animals awaiting adoption. Tax ID 94-2492469


It's all about being given a second chance and those wonderful four-legged friends that bring so much joy into our hearts and lives.  As a no-kill, limited intake facility, all of our animals reside with us until we can connect them with a family that is looking for that very special someone and pass our adoption screening process.  Our adoption requirements has made it possible for us to find secure forever homes and limit the exposure of an animal's return and subsequent re-homing. 

As a no-kill shelter we reject euthanasia as a means of population control and instead work towards reducing the number of animal's born through increased spay and neuter programs including help for low income families.  The limited intake addresses the multitude of requests we receive monthly to surrender animals and/or transfer animals from Tuolumne County Animal Control (TCAC).  Due to our limited isolation areas - especially for dogs - we cannot safely or humanely accommodate more than the average complement of 42 cats and dogs on any given day.  Given the number of animals that can be accepted, we employ waiting lists of owners wishing to surrender their pets for adoption in additional to a limited foster care program.  We try our very best to take in as many animals as possible each and every month, securing over 60% of our intake from TCAC.  Our process is a simple yet effective one that helps eliminate the spread of disease, aids in reducing stress on the animals and staff while ensuring a smooth transition between the animals and HSOTC personnel.

Last year we adopted 72 cats and 161 dogs; provided the means to spay or neuter 341 animals; furnished in excess of $14465 in medical care, medical supplies, and medications; funded over $19990 to spay/neuter HSOTC shelter animals before adoption and offset the costs associated with our low-income spay and neuter programs.  All of this accomplished with a volunteer Board and limited staff.

We believe we have made substantial inroads toward making Tuolumne County a safer place for homeless animals especially those animals who come through our doors.  And we want to say thank you to our continued supporters who have remained steadfast in helping us with this incredible journey to better, not only Tuolumne County, but our surrounding areas for the animals.  There's much more to come as we continue our mission in saving animal at a time.