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Humane Society of Young County, Inc.

Humane Society of Young County is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are dedicated to the welfare of ALL animals.

www.humanesociety-yc.org Tax ID 75-1692067


Sadly because of inadequate spay and nuetering in our area, our shelter takes in an average of 170 pets per month. Like many other shelters, this provides over-crowded conditions for our furry friends. We depend on donations to fund our shelter operations and animal welfare programs. We serve all of Young County and several surrounding counties. We are also the reclaim center for Graham Animal Control. We are currently networking with several other shelters to help find homes for more animals. We also work with breed rescue organizations, whenever possible, to provide happy homes for our animals. Some examples of what proceeds will be used for: Dog food, straw/shavings, blankets, doghouses, toys, tough-grade tarps, heating elements (space heaters) etc. Winter is a tough season for these animals, and its just around the corner. Our staff and pets know that any donation can provide comfort for these sweet animals.