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Humans Unifying Global Solutions Inc

HUGS - Humans Unifying Global Solutions is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to regenerative solutions for the creation of a harmonious and thriving world. Tax ID 47-2616492


 We are currently collaborating with a number of the world’s top organizations for regenerative practices and have implemented new models for education, self-organizing governance, economics, holistic health, renewable energy, food production and much more.

We are bridging the gap between solutionaries and resources through online platforms, grants, and 501c3 support. We are the ones following humanity's eternal quest to meet its divine nature through the path of service. We are the fearlessly open-minded who see the realization of extraordinary potential in this world. We represent the unstoppable force of love and freedom that is re-emerging across the planet. We are those digging deep inside pulling out the purest of creations from the unified field of consciousness.  We know the Universe’s natural state is balance and will always attempt to align the energies that way. We are striving towards selflessness, standing in truth and joyfully giving our lives to service.

Our current endeavors include: eco-villages, online education platforms, programs for environmental preservation and restoration, solution-based education centers, process’s for effective business and community collaboration and much more.

The majority of our programs are provided free of charge, and we have many accruing costs for operating such as: program development, website maintenance, staff and external support, business supplies and more. Your donations go towards helping to keep these programs free, and allowing our organization to keep working hard to create a better world for all of us, and future generations to come.