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To educate and empower the low-income, no-income and homeless populations in the Tri-cities and Southwest Virginia regions.

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Since 1994 Hunger First has played an intricate role helping people in the Tri-cities and surrounding counties of both of Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. Our organization became officially recognized as a 501 C 3 non-profit in 1998 and has made a conscious effort in maintaining that status and its mission ever since that to present.

We here at Hunger First take the term "non-profit" very serious and follow it to the letter when it comes to helping out those that have a need. What I mean by that is that everything (clothes, groceries, hygiene products male and female as well as monetary donations) that comes into our place goes back out exactly the way it came in, which is free. Currently we help more than 1200 individuals monthly. That's more than 300 plus families of four or more people up to 12 in each household. 

Giving back to the community:

  • Hunger First organizes events to involve the community and show appreciation for its support. They include:
  • Annual Halloween Haunted House for more than 150 children in low-income housing.
  • We provide Thanksgiving dinner for those that are homeless and to those who need family or just a friend to spend it with.
  • Christmas party for over 300 children from newborn to age eighteen to ease a monetary burden on a parent and or parents that are not able to do much if anything at all for their child and or children.

What sets Hunger First apart:

  • Food distribution three times a week-(with option to come back every six days if needed) other food pantries only provide groceries once a month leaving many families in dire need of food at the end, beginning and or middle of the month.
  • Twice weekly  hot food distribution reaching over 100 people, served at 12:30 pm till the last person needed is served. Prepared and cooked by the volunteers of Grace Fellowship Church of Kingsport.
  • No appointment is required to receive food assistance; simply arrive M-W-F, state your need and receive a food assistance package.
  • Hunger First does not require proof of income, family size, or proof of address to receive assistance.

Since our last campaign we now have access to our entire building( not yet purchased unfortunately but rented and prepping to make use of its entire spcae) that we reside in. We choose not to reinvent the wheel but create programs that are necessary to fill the gaps needed in our community.

One such gap would be the need for a Day Center for our community's homeless. We would like to utilize 1500 square feet of our building for this purpose. But we cannot do it alone and this why we have set up another campaign to help ease this burden.

The funds received from this campaign will go towards making it a reality and not just an idea and a dream. We want to create a space where they can start to feel human again. I believe that one becomes institutionalized when one becomes homeless. I also believe that there is no time limit in to which that can happen because we are all equal as far as humans go. But yet we are all different when it comes to our emotional, mental, and physical qualities. 

I believe we can make a difference in our community and their mindset about our homeless. We have no real shelter here in our town. We have nowhere they can go to get out of the weather, to take a "break" from their world. So I am asking you once again help us in our plight for humanity.