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CROWDRISE : Jul 21, 2015
Tax ID: 47-1726658
BASED: East Quogue, NY, United States


Hunters For Deer Inc.

Hunters for Deer (HFD) is a 501. (c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, dedicated to effectuating a conservationists agenda through the promotion of hunting.

Hunters for Deer (HFD) is a 501. (c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, dedicated to effectuating a conservationists agenda through the promotion of hunting. Make no mistake, HFD is a pro-hunting organization, that realizes that hunting is the only effective method to control deer populations.  Other groups profess to be "bow hunting specialists" or provide "solutions" to LI deer issues, but only HFD is a state and federally registered NFP and was the first to provide property owners with a FREE hunter based program to control deer conflicts, through our "Need-A-Hunter" program.

With our involvement, the white-tailed deer on the east end of LI, should no longer be considered a public health threat to our residents. The white-tailed deer population will maintain healthy levels through proper hunting practices, deer management and conservation; while at the same time forging better communication and education with local residents.

HFD answered the concerns of property owners by creating the "HFD Certified Bow Hunter" program, by partnering with local archery pro shops, Smith Point Archery and Archery Forum, as well as Thrill of the Hunt; a 3D archery venue.  Our certified hunters are challenged on a course that consists of 30 life-like game animal targets at distances between 20 to 40 yards. Successful archers are well accomplished at hitting their target effectively, in the best real-world scenario.

Our "Need-A-Hunter" program couples our "Certified Bow hunter" program by pairing property owners with ethical, accomplished certified archery specialists. The relationship between a private property owner and a hunter is essential in maintaining the management of the deer population in residential and suburban areas of Long Island, where 85% of land is privately owned.  Without these relationships, Long Island will continue to fall behind in managing the white-tailed deer population. 

In addition to our "Need A Hunter" program, HFD has developed a Venison Donor/Distribution program or "VDP", that fills the freezer of local residents and those persons that do no hunt for food. The HFD VDP, transfers the hunter's harvest tags into a box of packaged venison, ready to be stored in your freezer until ready for consumption. The benefits of the VDP, not only provides a great source of protein for local families at a fraction of the price of beef, but it introduces a local resource to local people utilizing a natural resource.

HFD is also pursuing a youth hunter mentoring program that introduces youngsters to the thrilling sport of archery and the great outdoors.  Archery helps children build confidence, strength, and friendships, while preserving tradition.  

Tax ID: 47-1726658 •


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