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Hunter Hartsock's Fundraiser:

Hunter's Fundraiser for CureJM

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Hunter Hartsock


Hunter was diagnosed with Juvenile Dermatomyositis in July 2010. He had just turned 10. We had gone to Wisconsin Dells to celebrate Hunter & his Dad's birthday July 6th & 7th. When we were walking up the hill to leave, Hunter had to keep stopping, and sitting down, much differently than just needing to rest. Then the rash on his arms began. We thought it was a rash, but it kept spreading down his arms. There were local Dermatologists trips, allergy patches, cremes, etc... we got a 2nd opinion from a Dermatologist who was only with us a short time & I believe he was here for a reason. He took one look at our son & knew right away it was JDM. He said he had seen one case of it, but it was so rare. After a muscle biopsy, he sent us to the University of Iowa Dermatologist who took one look at him and went & made a call & we were on our way upstairs to see the Pediatric Rheumatologist. Three years later, we are still praying & hoping for a cure before his ilness starts to attack the very necessary muscled that keep your heart beating, and your lungs breathing. JDM is a horrible illness that forever changes children's lives. Our son use to be taller and stockier that most kids, but steroids stopped his growth. He found one sprt that made him feel good about himself & he was really good at football. Today, his bones are too brittle to play, and he can't go outside in the sun because UV rays make JDM illness worse. During gym, when the kids go outside, he sits in the office waiting for class to be over. Plese help us find a cure... because it is so rare, we don't get monies for research. Children are dying from this awful illness... during this Christmas season... please donate to a worthwhile cause... what could be more worthwhile than saving our children?



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