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Hunters of the Harvest Ministry

The mission of Hunters of the Harvest Ministry is to impart a ministry of restoration to local churches and their members to reach out, recover, and reconnect the millions of dropout believers who have disconnected themselves from the church in this postmodern age. Tax ID 81-3564436



Hunters of the Harvest Ministry is focused on enabling Christian churches in the West and committed believers to restore disconnected believers to the Body of Christ - the local church. Hunters of the Harvest is trans denominational across Protestant, Catholic and all Christian communities, and is orthodox in its biblical approach. In the Western church, the dropout believer is one of the most critical problems – everyone knows some. In the US alone, over 85 million adults were formerly churched but no longer. They have disconnected themselves from the church-the Body of Christ. If all the dropout believers were restored to the church in the US it would double in size!


The Lord has given us a vision to reach every church in the Western world – the U.S., Canada, and Europe – where this problem uniquely exists today. This is a huge undertaking but God has given us a scalable deployment plan that is viral (as in “multiplying effect”) in its approach!


The plan introduces Hunters ministry to individual believers, churches, parachurch and denominational organizations in the United States.  This first phase comprises over 320,000 churches just in the US. The four-year plan expands on the US base, and then into Canada and western Europe. Five languages are targeted for distribution to the respective geographies: English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese. The launch funding will enable HOH to establish and build the ongoing financial support of local churches, organizations and individuals needed to expand throughout the western hemisphere!


The goal of this unique ministry is to positively impact hundreds of thousands of churches and millions of dropout Christians in the West in our post Christian culture to rebuild the church -one believer at a time.


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