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Sarah Miller


Huntington's Disease Society of America, Inc. wrote -

The Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA) is the premier nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of everyone affected by Huntington’s disease. From community services and education to advocacy and research, HDSA is the world’s leader in providing help for today, hope for tomorrow for people with Huntington’s disease and their families.

HDSA was founded in 1968 by Marjorie Guthrie, the wife of legendary folk singer Woody Guthrie. Woody died from HD complications in 1967 when he was only 55 years old, but the Guthrie family legacy lives on at HDSA to this day.

In the battle against Huntington’s disease, no one fights alone. At HDSA, Family is everything.

What is Huntington’s Disease?

Huntington’s disease is a fatal genetic disorder that causes the progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain. It deteriorates a person’s physical and mental abilities usually during their prime working years and has no cure.

Every child of a parent with HD has a 50/50 chance of carrying the faulty gene that causes Huntington’s disease. Today, there are 30,000 symptomatic Americans and more than 200,000 at-risk of inheriting the disease.

In approximately 10% of cases, Juvenile Huntington’s disease (JHD) affects children or adolescents and JHD typically progresses more rapidly than adult onset HD.

The symptoms of HD are described as having ALS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases – simultaneously.

Your Contribution Will Support

  • HDSA Centers of Excellence
  • HD Research
  • Local Support Groups & Social Workers
  • Youth Programs
  • And Much More!


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