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The Hudson Valley SPCA is the only no-kill shelter in the Newburgh, NY area as well as the only source of humane law enforcement in Orange County, NY.  Stray, abused, abandoned and neglected animals make their way through our doors nearly every day. Whether those animals spend one night with us, or the rest of their lives, our dedicated staff and volunteers strive to give each and every animal the best care we can offer.  This includes providing not only a bed to sleep on and food to eat, but also any necessary veterinary care. For most animals, this is as simple as ensuring that they are neutered and up-to-date on shots. But all too often, more complex treatments are required, ranging from upper respiratory infections and skin ailments to heartworm and parvo virus.

The HVSPCA coordinates with area veterinarians to obtain services at the lowest possible prices. But with nearly 150 new animals having entered our shelter in 2013 alone, and dozens of animals already in our care as they wait for their forever homes, medical bills add up quickly. In fact, even after our usual discount of 30% to 50% off the fees charged to the general public, our 2013 medical bills amounted to more than $50,000!

The Hudson Valley SPCA ​does not receive financial assistance from federal, state or local agencies. We are not financed by the ASPCA. Our work is funded solely by donations from supporters like you. We hope that you will help this work continue, by donating generously to the Hudson Valley SPCA Veterinary Fund. All donations made to this fund will go directly to cover the medical expenses of the animals of the HVSPCA. Animals like a handsome black Labrador Retriever named Brutus.

Brutus came to us as a stray from the streets of Newburgh. Soon after he arrived, Brutus collapsed while playing ball with a volunteer. Our kennel manager ran over to find Brutus struggling to breath and his tongue had turned blue. He was doused with buckets of cold water and rushed to the nearby veterinary hospital where he was found to have a temperature of 107 degrees! The hospital team went into action to get his body temperature back to normal. Once stabilized, tests were conducted to find that Brutus had laryngeal paralysis, a weakening of the nerves that help maintain an open airway.  Just the normal excitement of play had caused Brutus’ airway to constrict and his body to struggle for air, in turn leading to extreme overheating. 

Working with our veterinarians, we were able to find a combination of drugs that could help Brutus lead a normal life. While his activity would have to be monitored and medications would have to be administered for the rest of his life, Brutus had been saved! We are happy to report that within a few weeks of returning to the shelter, Brutus was adopted by a loving family who is happy to work around his limitations!

There are so many stories like Brutus’, just from the last twelve months! There is Ava, a cat with viral pneumonia left in a box in our parking lot. Scooter, a puppy with parvo virus tied to a fence and left for dead. Charlie, an elderly blind maltese with diabetes who was tied to our front door. The list goes on and on. And for for each of them, we do our best to create a happy ending!

We hope that you will be a part of that happy ending, because we cannot do this without you! by donating to the Hudson Valley SPCA Veterinary Fund

Your donation to the Hudson Valley SPCA Veterinary Fund helps to ensure that our animals get the best care possible as they wait for their adoptive families to come along. And we cannot to this with you. The Hudson Valley SPCA is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, making your donation tax deductible.