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The time has come and the time is now here for you to act on the word of God. May God bless you and your family in Jesus name.Amen. Mathew10:27-30, 37-42.
May 29, 2017



Hello my precious brothers and sisters around the globe who believe in God and his power. My Name is called Bro. Geoffrey Obia, farther to Jeremiah and Jemima and a husband to sister Barbara. Yes, I am a preacher and a witness of Jesus Christ. My friends, let me tell you what God did to me and what he can still do to others by his grace and mercy through your freewill offering and support for his kingdom. On the 09/12/2016, at around 6pm, somebody crushed me with the motorcycle and I became unconscious for 8hours, how I reached the clinic and who took me there I didn't know. To make the long Story short, after going home from that clinic, it took me 3months when I started developing serious headache, vomiting and fainting. From there I decided to go to Mulago referral Hospital about 350km from my home for CT scan, on reaching the Hospital, I was scan and the Dr.interpreted that I have developed Chronic Suddural Hematoma that needs operation. My dear friends, in Uganda, when you are brain operated, the percent of coming back alive is only 10percent. With that in mind, I really opened my heart to God with tears for God to heal me and not to be operated in anyway. I tell you, the appointment was on the 02 april 2017 and that day is when God sent his two Angels to me at around 1:40am in a dream and they told me that Geoffrey we have come to visit you, therefore, be of good courage, all will be well with you. I said thanks ,then they said, we going and we see you again, I again I said thanks and I woke up from my sleep. Then in the morning, the doctors came and examined me and they told me that, they are yet to discuss my Case, and that day I missed operation. Again, the next day, the doctors came and examined me again and they told my that, Geoffrey, we are not going to operate you, we're changing to oral treatment and we discharging you to day because everything we finding is normal, normal. Then I said,glory be God. Now from that time my friends, when I came home, he has been meeting on daily basis through visions,dreams and revealing of his words to me. Now by his grace I have a mission to southern Sudan and to South Africa and then to western world according to the visions which has given me. Therefore, I need your both spiritual and financial support. May his will be done. Read with the following verses: Mark 16:15-18, Proverbs 10:5. Contact me on. +256774547077, God bless you all in Jesus name. Amen.



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